Launching from a basement in east London in May 2019, we set out to campaign and cover news from an anti-Brexit, progressive standpoint while taking on the raging forces of right-wing populism at home and abroad.

We’re incredibly proud of our achievements, which you can read more about here.

Since then Scram’s finances have come under significant pressure and the difficult decision has been made to close our doors for the time being from 1st June 2020. Until the COVID-19 pandemic passes, we cannot envisage a situation where our finances get to where we need them to be.

So we’re taking a break, but we hope one day to be back.

Thank you to everyone who took action as part of the Scram community — we can’t tell you how much we’ve appreciated, and been inspired by, your support.

If you have any questions about Scram’s work, please contact team@scramnews.com as this inbox is being monitored by Scram’s board while the staff team is on furlough.

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