It’s 2019. British politics has been consumed by Brexit. Far-right bullies and populist charlatans are exploiting fear, intolerance and polarisation. Meanwhile, our country’s problems remain unsolved. Communities are still blighted by austerity. Left behind towns are still ignored.

That’s where Scram comes in.

Together, we write news and run campaigns to change the status quo.

We are fed up with the state of British politics and we are united with the millions of people who want to celebrate diversity, empower neglected regions, and work with the world to fix our global problems.

Reading the news doesn’t have to be a journey to a lonely pit of despair. By teaming up to create hard-hitting content and trailblazing campaigns, we can start to sort out this mess. Sound like your kind of deal? Then put on your game face and press for change.

Have an idea about a story or a campaign we should be running? Want us to appear on your radio show?
Email: team@scramnews.com

Sam Bright


Having worked at the BBC for the past four years, Sam is glad he can finally say what he wants about Nigel Farage.

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Jayde Bradley

Campaigns Manager

Despite having over a decade of campaigning experience, Jayde only now feels ready to take on Brexit. Just.

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Kate Plummer


Kate spends so much time researching far-right social media groups, she is worried her laptop will soon be seized by the police.

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