Scram News will be shutting its doors from 1st June, for the time being. Like many media outlets, our finances have come under pressure and we’re taking some time to get back on our feet.

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On the future of Scram

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Coronavirus should signal a new era of workers’ rights

Climate change: A year in the life of the Greta movement

Can we fix the media?

Social media is providing the far-right with a lifeline

Is this finally the end of Nigel Farage’s political career?

Boris Johnson’s part-time premiership

The self-destruction of Dominic Cummings

The best of Scram News

The fight against populism has never been more important, and we hope to join that fight again soon.

In the meantime, we have compiled below some of our favourite stories published on Scram News.

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty anticipated anti-China blame game a year before coronavirus

Herd immunity: The government’s “magic solution” to coronavirus doesn’t make sense

We called it first.

Matt Hancock claimed UK had developed “world leading” coronavirus test months ago

Scram community buys protective equipment for care workers

Revealed: £100m government spending hike on temporary homeless accommodation

Campaigners force government to partially close furlough loophole

Thousands of workers were facing financial ruin.

Revealed: Royal Mail refusing to pay staff self-isolating due to coronavirus exposure

Inside Extinction Rebellion: New documents reveal the structure of the international climate movement

Nigel Farage: “Maybe Greta Thunberg has a point”

Yes she does.

David Attenborough scolds Trump. Naturalist says he’s given up with President on climate change

Everything we know about Britain First’s links to Russia

“I might move to Russia”: Behind the scenes of Tommy Robinson’s trip to Russia

Far-right figures are becoming Russian propagandists.

Conservatives investigate candidate for anti-Semitism after Scram report

Britain First and Tommy Robinson banned from TikTok following Scram pressure

He stood to be a Conservative MP at the 2019 general election.

“Not in my name”: Brexit open letter delivered to EU leaders

Scram News travelled to Brussels to deliver a message to Guy Verhofstadt.

Government has only agreed half the trade deals it promised to deliver after Brexit

Government document admits US trade deal won’t come close to replacing Brexit cost

Revealed: Boris Johnson once suggested Quran incites “religious hatred”

Brexit Party MEPs have some of the worst attendance records in European Parliament

“Journalist” behind Darroch story deletes evidence linking him to the Brexit Party

The “journalist” behind the Darroch leaks used to run the Brexit Party’s digital operation.

Nigel Farage says he’d be happy for “more and more and more” privatisation in the NHS

What Nigel Farage really thinks about the NHS.

Brexit Party lose over £80k of deposits in embarrassing election performance