“You’re a tw*t”: Zac Goldsmith launches bizarre attack on Boris Johnson critics

Zac Goldsmith, the man who managed to remain in government despite losing his seat at the general election, has launched a bizarre attack on the general public.

Tweeting earlier today, Goldsmith paid tribute to Boris Johnson’s efforts in combatting the coronavirus outbreak, and said: “if you are pushing conspiracies & launching petty barbs from your home – you’re a twat.”


Now, obviously, people spreading conspiracy theories are – by definition – twats.

However, it’s not very parliamentary to suggest that people are twats simply for criticising the PM. Indeed that is not very twattish behaviour at all.

In fact, there are plenty of justifiable reasons to censure Boris Johnson.

An article published by the Sunday Times yesterday showed that the government’s original plan to deal with coronavirus would have led to 250,000 deaths.

Johnson has now changed course – but not before wasting weeks humouring Dominic Cummings and his pseudo-scientific bullsh*t.

All things considered, this merely confirms why we have long avoided listening to the advice of Goldsmith.

The Eton educated son-of-a-billionaire miraculously now serves as a minister in two separate government departments, despite having lost his Richmond Park seat in December’s general election.

(Goldsmith’s magic act involved hurriedly being appointed to the House of Lords).

It’s no wonder he’s so grateful towards his old Etonian chum, the Prime Minister, and why he feels a certain level of contempt towards the general public.


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