“Xenophobic bile”: Leave campaign accused of “racist” Merkel tweet

A pro-Brexit campaign has been accused of racism after it posted a tweet comparing Angela Merkel to Hitler.

Leave.EU has disgraced itself after it posted an image of Angela Merkel holding her hand up, with text accompanying it reading: “We didn’t win two world wars to be pushed around by a Kraut.” 

David Lammy, Labour MP said: “Dear Germany and the EU, please accept our apologies and do not be fooled into thinking Leave EU’s xenophobic bile is representative of the UK.”

Meanwhile, Telegraph journalist Peter Foster called it “embarrassing, toe-curling garbage”.

The disgraceful propaganda came as a response to Merkel’s attempt to forge a deal with Britain today. While Leave.EU saw this instance of international diplomacy as being “pushed around”, others were quick to point out that it was Leave.EU who were at fault.

Lewis Goodall, political correspondent at Sky said: “Perhaps it shouldn’t be but my jaw is on the floor. Britain’s reputation is going to take years to recover.”

He then added: “It’s not just rather vile, it’s clearly racist.”

Leave.EU are now evoking a tragic war to make a dig at a European leader. Politics is becoming uglier by the second.

One response to ““Xenophobic bile”: Leave campaign accused of “racist” Merkel tweet

  1. I trust someone has reported this to the relevant police force as a racist incident. They are obliged to investigate it and whoever originated it and sanctioned it should be in the frame as responsible.
    In addition to that it shames our nation.
    However, the game these idiots are playing has this type of thing in its playbook: say something outrageous, when challenged make some sort of apology or retraction blaming inexperienced underlings, but having achieved the objective of putting the thought or message out there and it having struck a chord with a significant minority of like minded idiots.
    I would also like to know who the “we” is that won two world wars. No one alive today under played an active part in it apart from possibly someone who happens to be 93+. I hate these people saying “we” won the war. Even the octogenarians, let alone younger were kids during it. Also it was largely won by the Russians and Americans. People like Angela Merkel and her family were as much victims and probably suffered far more than most Brits.
    Such comments as those made by Aaron Banks’ crew make me ashamed of my country, which in many ways they are simply making into an international laughing stock as well as facilitating its break-up. Why would you do that?

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