“The world’s proudest Jewish Nazi” is now Tommy Robinson’s spokesperson

A far-right Australian-Israeli political activist who once said he is “the world’s proudest Jewish Nazi” and called Muslim countries “Islamic sh*tholes” will be Tommy Robinson’s spokesperson while he is in prison, it has been announced.

Avi Yemini revealed on Twitter that he will be Tommy Robinson’s spokesperson while Robinson serves up to nine months of prison time following his conviction for contempt of court.


Yemini, who has regularly joined Robinson during his campaigns, unsurprisingly has a dodgy past. He stood for election for the far-right Australian Liberty Alliance (which donated to Tommy Robinson) in 2018. The party advocates banning Muslim immigration.

He was also refused entry to the US in April 2019 due to the risk of inciting violence and pled guilty to making a series of racist calls to a Melbourne rabbi in 2014, something he claimed was a prank.

His Twitter feed is similarly a cesspit of hate and Islamophobia. He has called Islam a “barbaric ideology” and said that Muslim countries are “Islamic sh*tholes”. He said he was “the world’s proudest Jewish Nazi” at a Tommy Robinson rally in London last year and has also been linked to a number of far-right characters including Milo Yiannopoulos. He claims the Nazi comment was an attempt to be ironic.

If Tommy Robinson is committed to pretending he isn’t a hate-fuelled Islamophobe, then the employment of Yemini doesn’t seem like his best PR move.

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