Who will headline the Festival of Brexit? Twitter makes its nominations

A “Festival of Brexit” is set to go ahead in 2022 – compounding Britain’s status as a parody nation.

This weekend, the director of the festival, Martin Green, broke his silence – promising to bring the nation together, showcase British creativity, and bring some “joy, hope and happiness”.


To say that people are sceptical would be a titanic understatement.

But there is one big question being asked on social media: who will headline the Festival of Brexit?

Some people have been suggesting that leading Brexiteers will have a key role to play. Perhaps featuring a dancing act from Theresa May.

While others think that right-wing broadcasters will be clamouring to get the headline slot.

Given that we will almost inevitably have run out of money by 2022 (thanks to Brexit), people are speculating that the entertainment might be fairly low-budget.

Tim Martin, owner of Wetherspoons (and avid Brexiteer), has been floated as a potential low-cost option.

Plenty of people also think Morrissey will be given the responsibility – especially since he now supports the far-right.

But the leading contender so far is probably this person – whose recent attempts at driving around a giant Union Jack did not end well. A perfect Brexit analogy, if ever we needed one.


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  1. 120 million pounds spent on stupidity when we have hungry kids on the streets,foodbanks everyware,NHS in crisis, homelessness everyware but these tory muppets want to celebrate leaving the EU how sad can these MP’s get.I can give you a piece of advice dont take this crap to Scotland they voted to remain and would really upset you’r party.

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