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Whistleblower ready to testify against Priti Patel as new bullying claims emerge

A civil service whistleblower is ready to testify against Priti Patel as the Home Secretary faces more claims of bullying.

Both BBC Newsnight and The Sun are reporting allegations that Patel bullied her private secretary to the extent that he had to be signed off work due to stress.


She is accused of bullying the individual in question for six months, while she ran the Department for International Development.

The new allegation has been made by a friend of Patel’s former private secretary, who was also a senior figure at DIFD at the time.

The friend said: “She was utterly appalling to him, really nasty and demanding all of the time.

“She bullied the f*** out of him to the point he got ill and asked for a move.”

The person making these accusations is for the moment remaining anonymous, but they told BBC Newsnight’s Nicholas Watt that they will openly testify against Patel, if needed.

Indeed, the Cabinet Office has launched an inquiry into the conduct of Patel, and the whistleblower says they would give evidence.

This comes after the most senior civil servant in the Home Office accused Patel of undermining him – forcing him to resign and launch a legal case for constructive dismissal.

It has also been alleged that a former aide to Patel was given a £25,000 payout after she took an overdose of prescription medicine following alleged bullying by the minister.

Patel is strenuously denying all allegations.



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