Wetherspoons in Brexit beer policy fail

Vocal Brexiteer and Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has been lampooned for announcing that beer prices in his pubs will be “slashed” due to Brexit.

Martin announced this morning that the price of an average Wetherspoons pint would be cut by 20p from today, “as an example of how leaving the customs union can reduce costs”.

As many people have pointed out, however, we haven’t actually left the customs union yet – so really this price cut has NOTHING to do with Brexit.

What a moron.

6 responses to “Wetherspoons in Brexit beer policy fail

  1. Wetherspoon is the best priced beers in the UK other pubs chains are ripping us off, Mr Martin is merely making people aware of what could be after we leave the EU.

    1. Chris you really believe that Wetherspoon can afford losing 20% of their margins for five months if they don not have the margins to do so just for Brexit. Please also enlighten me why beers will be cheaper after Brexit. Alcohol tax is a country based tax not EU. In France Czech Republic are both in EU and the prices there are much cheaper

  2. I wouldn’t drink in a wetherspoons pub if they were giving it away. This latest untruth by a leaver shows up brexit for what it is. Martin should visit Spain where he could buy a pint of premium lager for 2 euros.

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