Coronavirus: Wetherspoons is now refusing to pay suppliers

In yet more confirmation that Wetherspoons is handling the coronavirus crisis really, really badly, the firm has refused to pay suppliers until its pubs reopen.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the pub chain wouldn’t be paying staff until it received compensation from the government.


And, now, it has been reported that Wetherspoons suppliers also won’t be getting paid.

In an email sent to suppliers and seen by the publication Footprint, the pub chain said: “We are asking for a moratorium on payments, until the pubs reopen, at which point we intend to clear outstanding payments, within a short timeframe.”

This means that small companies – who have already supplied Wetherspoons with stock – will be asked to cover the shortfall until pubs reopen, which might be weeks or even months.

Last week, ‘Spoons boss Tim Martin made a fool out of himself on national TV – first maintaining that pubs should stay open despite the outbreak of a deadly virus, and then inventing science about the spread of coronavirus in public houses.

We think a post-corona boycott is in order.


10 responses to “Coronavirus: Wetherspoons is now refusing to pay suppliers

  1. It’s disgusting that with all the money you have that you couldn’t pay your staff and your suppliers.

  2. If Wetherspoon’s can’t or won’t use it’s notable cash reserves to pay smaller suppliers – some of which may be desperate to get paid in April and/or May, I hope some Court Proceedings and cessation of business trading (post-virus) takes place.

    What a despicable man/organisation! People need to remember them.

    1. but does Wetherspoons have ‘notable cash reserves’ as you claim. I know no more than the next man, but this is classic behaviour for a company with liquidity problems. We will have to wait and see

    2. I thought that the whole business model of ‘spoons is to run on credit, selling the goods for cash so that the suppliers can be paid a month later, so unlikely they have much in the way of reserves. Rather like much of the economy, built on sand.

  3. This man is a complete ignorant twat! From supporting and promoting the disaster that is Brexit, and now this?
    Boycott needed when this is over

  4. Typical bully tactics from a large company. Wetherspoons buy a lot of beer from second line suppliers – hence their cheap offers- these suppliers now have to decide whether to accept the diktat or potentially lose that business. Classic tail wagging the dog. Shameful.

  5. Perhaps the suppliers should consult Messers Sue, Grabbit and Runn, with a thought to take action to bankrupt the bar chain.

  6. Absolutely disgraceful, small businesses will be relying on getting paid. But hey he doesn’t care.

    Initiate county court action, don’t even bother asking for it, he’s made it clear people won’t get paid.

    This is what happens when an egomaniacal narcissist gets power.

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