Westminster reacts to the resignation of Boris Johnson’s brother

Jo Johnson, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s younger brother, has this morning announced that he is quitting as a minister and an MP.

In his resignation statement, Johnson the younger – who has in the past supported a second EU referendum – said he had “been torn between family loyalty and the national interest”.


As the Political Editor of LBC has pointed out: “the national interest obviously won”.

Indeed Westminster has jumped to comment on the news. Johnson’s statement came just a few minutes after former Labour MP Luciana Berger announced that she was joining the Liberal Democrats, leading some to speculate that the now-former Business Minister was cheekily trying to steal Berger’s thunder.

Labour MPs are both applauding Jo Johnson’s decision, and saying it is a damning indictment of his brother’s leadership. Meanwhile, Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson has posed a question that might be bothering quite a few Tory MPs at the minute:

Tory rebels have also celebrated the move – with one of the strongest statements coming from former Conservative MP Nick Boles, who said:

“Boris Johnson is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything on the altar of his ego and ambition. His lust for power consumes everyone who stands in his way.”


Pro-Brexit MPs have largely been silent. We wonder why.

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