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The website helping Tommy Robinson to fundraise for “hate and lies”

A crowdfunding website is stubbornly refusing to remove far-right hate figure Tommy Robinson from its platform, despite the fact he’s breached a number of their policies.

It has been claimed that Robinson is one of the best-funded far-right figures since the Second World War. The former English Defence League leader recently put his house on the market for £900,000, with estate agent photos showing a Range Rover parked outside.


After being kicked off PayPal roughly a year ago, Robinson now raises money on his website (“TR News”) through a platform called Donorbox. This is also the platform of choice for the radical right-wing news website Politicalite, run by Robinson supporters, and James Goddard, the UK’s most prominent self-styled yellow-vest protestor.

Donorbox caved in to pressure last December, and seemed to have kicked Robinson off its platform. However, this embargo didn’t last long. Robinson soon started using Donorbox again, while a key part of the company’s terms and conditions were deleted – those relating to the promotion of “hate, violence and harassment”.

An investigation from BuzzFeed also found that Donorbox’s founder, Charles Zhang, had shared videos on social media produced by Tommy Robinson’s associates, and tweeted that Robinson has a point of view that is “of great interest to many British people.”

And so, cash now flows through Donorbox into Robinson’s pockets – funding his far-right hate. This is despite the fact that Robinson appears to break multiple of Donorbox’s terms and conditions.

For one, Donorbox bans campaigns that are “inaccurate, misleading or dishonest”. Ironically, Robinson’s “news” channel spread fake news when reporting on Politicalite’s PayPal ban – claiming that PayPal was no longer bound by EU regulations, because we voted to leave the European Union. This is, demonstrably inaccurate. Obviously.

Donorbox also bans “organizations that engage in, encourage, promote, or celebrate unlawful violence or physical harm to persons or property,” despite the fact Robinson literally assaulted a man in Portugal and publicised it on his news channel.

“Some fake news sites are now looking to fundraising platforms to help them continue to spread hate and lies,” a spokesperson from the campaign group Stop Funding Fake News told us.

“While some responsible fundraising platforms refuse to fund hate and misinformation, Donorbox continue to enable TR News and Politicalite.”

It’s clear that, based on Donorbox’s own policies, Tommy Robinson should be removed from the platform. That’s why we’ve partnered with Stop Funding Fake News to call on Donorbox to ban Robinson and other far-right figures.

You can join the campaign by signing our petition.

With your help, we can shut down Tommy Robinson’s funding and stop him from spreading his lies and hate.

We contacted Donorbox for comment and, as of the time of publication, haven’t received a response.

12 responses to “The website helping Tommy Robinson to fundraise for “hate and lies”

  1. Lol is that all you got .well let me tell you this for nothing. No one who supports tommy will belive anything you say . I WILL BE REPORTING YOU FOR HATE SPEACH

  2. The comments that support the hate-filled gnome on here are so funny. You do know you’re all funding his coke habit , you’re all deluded ignorant bigots being taken for a ride, it’s hilarious, we’re all laughing at you.

  3. List his crimes…. Come on I’ll wait.

    You see there’s also this thing called Free Speech, heard of it? We used to have it in the UK many decades ago. This is what TR is exercising before it is permanently considered haram across the civilised west, nothing more. If he DIRECTLY calls for violence then yes, you’ve got him, slap on the cuffs. But if all he’s doing is stating fact and highlighting injustice then you’ve got nothing. Keep virtue signalling, we’ve become both accustom and immune to it.

  4. What a twisted view of a very brave guy who has been persecuted mercilessly by the establishment, where is the hate? Where is the violence? it’s more honest if you just say that you disagree with his beliefs (which are shared by millions) and good on the owner of this company, he doesn’t listen to your freaky left wing hate for the hate is most certainly on your side

  5. Good fun. Keep at it Tommy…. only someone trying to display false info. Too many followers of Tommy will not believe this load of rubbish.

  6. Tommy robinson for PM…..or steven laxley,only people who try to shut him down are muslims,left wing imbeciles and the people who sleep with the above…
    If you are offended by what tommy says or upset them you must be a paedophile,jihadist,traitor to the uk or just a brainwashed dick who believes every bullshit lie drummed up to destroy the lad,originating from the msm…
    I never paid or donated to him so im not a idiot who pays him like most of you say…but know he speaks the truth…
    Wake up you absolute imbeciles…tommy for PM

    from the MSM…….

  7. Tommy Robinson tells the truth and exposes Muslim grooming gangs because lefty politicians and councillors haven’t got the bottle. He should be commended as an English hero for fighting for vulnerable children who are being abused. Good luck to him

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