WATCH: We deliver Boris Johnson’s P45 to Downing Street

We now know that Boris Johnson broke the law. He misled the Queen. He tried to suspend democracy.

And so, we decided to take matters into our own hands this morning.


The Prime Minister’s position is completely untenable, which is why we ventured (despite the rain) to Downing Street, to deliver his P45 in person.

Copyright: Scram News/Kate Plummer
Copyright: Scram News/Kate Plummer

While we were at it, we also decided to photobomb a few TV cameras, just to make sure Boris Johnson sees the message in New York, where he is currently.

It’s fair to say people we caught the attention of a few journalists.

Oh, and we also bumped into one of the heroes of the hour – QC Jolyon Maugham, who helped to bring the Boris Johnson case to the Supreme Court.

Copyright: Scram News/Kate Plummer

If you agree with us that Boris Johnson should resign NOW, sign our petition.

5 responses to “WATCH: We deliver Boris Johnson’s P45 to Downing Street

  1. Ignorance is no defence in law. Boris led to the queen to make her act illegally. This is up there with treason. The man should be in a cell awaiting trial facing life in prison.

  2. Boris J thinks power of being Prime minister allows him to do as he likes. He is ruled by arrogance which people like him learn at public school. His behaviour shows deep down a lack of self esteem. Truly great people do not behave like an angry child who doesn’t get his way. He needs to go. NOW!

  3. Brilliant.You are joining our other high visibility heroes like Steve Bray and Led By Donkeys! We need lots more! Thank you so much.

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