Viral restaurant analogy brilliantly explains the logic of a second Brexit referendum

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Celebrity food critic Jay Rayner shared a Michelin star Brexit analogy on Twitter this weekend – perfectly summarising why we need a second referendum. It said:

I’m not saying there wasn’t a democratic mandate for Brexit at the time. I’m just saying if I narrowly decided to order fish at a restaurant that was known for chicken, but said it was happy to offer fish, and so far I’ve been waiting three hours, and two chefs who promised to cook the fish had quit, and the third one is promising to deliver the fish in the next five minutes whether it’s cooked or not, or indeed still alive, and all the waiting staff have spent the last few hours arguing amongst themselves about whether I wanted battered cod, grilled salmon, jellied eels or dolphin kebabs, and if large parts of the restaurant appeared to be on fire but no-one was paying attention to it because they were all arguing about fish, I would quite like, just once, to be asked if I definitely still wanted the fish.


8 responses to “Viral restaurant analogy brilliantly explains the logic of a second Brexit referendum

    1. Just remember the figures 37% voted leave 35% stay 28% didn’t vote
      Hardly a resounding majority. The referendum should have required a majority of the voting population including overseas British to be definitive

      1. 37% voted leave, 35% remain… 28% abstained. The leave threat of turkey close to joining could have influenced a million votes…
        Suppose only a thousand people voted, 520 leave and 480 remain, and 35 million didn’t bother, would that have been a democratic imperative?

  1. I would still say I want the fish, I was told I could have the fish, so get a grip and bring me my fish!

    This is a democracy! The nation was asked to vote and it decided to leave the EU, if that vote isn’t respected then democracy is dead and we are now living in a dictatorship.

    Never have so many been shafted by so few, the MP’s that are constantly complaining and concocting ways of frustrating the process of leaving should be ashamed of themselves.

    Not even the comedy series Yes Minister could have made this farce up.
    I think you’re all forgetting that the people vote you in and we will vote you out too.

    1. Nope. The way democracy works is you vote every 4 years based on policies (ie complete info on how the party is going to rule). If we only ever voted once (and if that were based on lies and false info), then THAT would be a dictatorship.

  2. Really ? would you really wait for 3 hours, still not have what you ordered and in fact are soitting there waiting for someone to ask if you still want fish ?

    Most normal people would have left the restaurant after 1 hour or 1 chef quit, would have picked up some fish on the way home, and maybe a 6 pack, and saved a bunch of money that would have clearly been wasted spent on an inept restaurant.

  3. Time, and recent events around the world, like Russian intervention in American politics, maybe have affected public opinion about Brexit in Great Britain. Has hindsight in fact not changed public opinion about Brexit in GB? And if there is gridlock politically with our ally GB why do they not conduct some opinion polling? Wondered about this for years!

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