Catherine Blaiklock

Viral anti-Islam Churchill quote shared by Brexit Party founder is fake

A Winston Churchill “quote” shared by the founder of the Brexit Party, criticising Islam, is in fact fake.

Writing on Twitter, Catherine Blaiklock – who was forced to resign as leader of the Brexit Party for sharing social media posts from far-right figures – shared the following “quote”, attributing it to Churchill:


As you can see, her post has been retweeted and liked by thousands of people, and has likely been seen by hundreds of thousands.

But it appears that Churchill, in fact, said no such thing.

According to fact checking site Snopes, “no evidence documents his having said or written any such thing”.

Snopes added that the “quote” is commonly found in the comment sections of Islamophobic websites and has sometimes been photoshopped to look as if Churchill said it.

Blaiklock founded the Brexit Party last year but soon disgraced herself by posting anti-Islam tweets which were then uncovered by the Guardian.

She would do well to fact-check her tweets in future.

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