“Unforgivable”: Uproar after Erasmus scheme scrapped in Brexit vote

People are in uproar after Parliament voted against an amendment to keep the Erasmus scheme during Brexit votes last night.

Anti-Brexit campaigners have flocked to Twitter to express their outrage, after MPs blocked a clause which would have required the government to seek to negotiate continuation of the programme, which allows British students to study in the EU.


Femi Oluwole, a prominent anti-Brexit campaigner, said:

Meanwhile, Ros Taylor, a journalist who works for pro-EU podcast Remainiacs, added:

Erasmus is currently trending on Twitter as members of the public weigh in on the debate. One user added:

Britain leaves the EU at the end of the month and it is fast becoming clear what that will mean for the country.

199 responses to ““Unforgivable”: Uproar after Erasmus scheme scrapped in Brexit vote

  1. If you can learn French in France, you can learn it in UK also.

    I am in France, The worst country I have ever been in the developed world.

    I am stuck here with no work and no income, only people have helped me. The French state has not.

    So, please choose between EU and a better life.

      1. Because he is a lying troll. He is not in France and has never been there in his life. Probably lives in Stoke.

        1. Stoke? Why Stoke? You couldn’t be being just a little bit discriminatory could you? I mean, you’re no doubt as boringly woke as they come and you know discrimination is just bad, bad, bad right? Oh, except against the working class in your own country. I see now. Very good.

    1. Of course you will not find any work when you are lazy, uneducated and unskilled. Blame it on the country and not yourself.

      1. You could argue the same goes for you and your ilk, if you don’t like the way the Government runs our county, see ya 🖐️

        1. You don’t get it, do you? We can’t just pack up and leave. Brexit has put an end to freedom of movement. Thanks for that, Brexiteers.

          1. No it hasn’t. How do you visit countries outside the EU? Sure its harder, and you can’t stay without a reason, but you can most places in the world without serious difficulty. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

          1. Flying Spaghetti Monster I very much doubt your are yourself informed in the Law of the EU.

            Freedom of movement had restrictions such as article 43,44,Right to Establishment, What defines a Worker, Freedom of Movement . Each country was able to restrict EU residents who could not support themselves in times of Hardship.The UK arliament always had supremacy to return the people who. We’re unable to meet the requirements of the EU but the UK chose not to. Why? Other EU countries returned citizens who were not classed as workers

      2. That is what you’d like. all the people who disagree with turning this country into a Dickensian nightmare. Who will point out the stupidity and greed which will reduce our power by giving us no say in Europe’s future and leave us to become a vassal state to either the USA, the EU or any other power because we will have to do what they want as we will need them and they will not need us. The leavers didn’t renounce their citizenship because they did not like being in the EU. So do not expect us to. You will soon learn the extent of folly you have embarked us all upon. We are not going to leave and you should not want us to, we are the ones who are going to have to pick up the pieces of this disastrous course.

        1. You have some special crystal ball?
          Why do you think your opinion counts more than anyone else.
          Democracy works by ne side winning while one side loses and accepts the result.
          If you don’t like the result then work to put your chosen party in power next time around, not throw your toys out of the pram.

          1. As you say , leave won , and i will abide by that decision , however doesnt mean i have to agreee with it , and it definitely does not mean that my democratic rights are affected , you seem to be under some sort of misconception .
            As for the poster who says that if you dont like it ( not you ) go and live in the EU , wtf do you think you are , i have lived in the UK all my life ,why would i listen to you

          1. Because alone, you count for nothing. It will be even worst if the UK is broken. I don’t wish this to happening but the probably is not negligible no matter what “king” Boris attitude is : democracy for British but not for Scottish. It does not work as another “king” from a very big country uses to claim

          1. Are you kidding me? You must be delusional mate… you haven’t been sponging on anyone, right… except on India, and South Africa, and Zimbabwe and… shall I go on? All the lovely colonies you had and you ripped off all those years, making their natives slaves, working for the Lord! Yes, you are correct, you didn’t sponge off anyone, you just robbed all the colonies of everything you could!
            Britain prevails!!!

          2. The UK ended the slave trade you dime bar. Read a book. Jeez. We only finished off paying the loans for the ships and man power it took to do so in 2014!

            You God damn lefties need to start doing some research into things before running your mouths off.

          3. As did many ruling empires! However the UK was unique in the face that we brought democracy, laws, order, education, health care peace and protection to alot of countries. Maybe I should condemn the Italians and Greeks (Roman empire) for ruling England, or the Danes (vikings) for their invasion.

          4. Bob the sponge brit: You need to understand something. Tjose lovely French people, and the Fermans, Spanish AND the Italians tried DESPERATELY to do and have EVERYTHING that the British empire achieved. But they sputtered along and then failed. The readon the British succeeded is because we are the descendents of biblicel Israel. Its true. And our wealth and success was due to the blessing that God bestowed on His people as PROMISED. God also said that He would remove the blessing because we turned away from His ways. It began with WW1 and then WW2 and it continues to be removed today. Watch out for the Germany

        2. Well you voted for them.so live with it.goodbye national health.tories dont give a toss.there all wealthy.bunch of nanny shaggers.and will fuck this country.and the people let them.so take it on the chin.

          1. I’m a working class Torie! I’ve never Shagged my nanny! Nor, any other member of my family or anyone who cared for me while both my parents went out to work. Both parents went on to become self made millionaire’s. From working hard, long hours. They would give there last penny to help anyone. But thier not stupid people, if you give people things they begin to expect it. My sibling and me have had to work for what we have. We’ve never free loaded, and I’m not prepared to keep others that won’t help themselves.

      1. That’s absolutely false. I learned Spanish and French in high school. A cause de ça, je parle français. También hablo español. Meanwhile, I have been immersed in Hebrew, surrounded by Hebrew speakers for two years, and my Hebrew is worse than my Russian (which I took two semesters of about ten years ago).

      2. Not once have I claimed any type of benefit, worked from 17 year old never been out of work and I voted leave so you have no idea what you’re talking about you absolute baffoon, what a fucking moron you are

          1. That shouldn’t be at the expense of the British tax payer. Erasmus is subsided by a UK grant per individual to study abroad. If you want an exchange or jolly to another country then one should pay for it themselves and not the tax payer. Considering the current figures of lower income families not even getting to university now. This subsidy paid to Erasmus is really only going to middle and upper class students!

          2. Yes, investing in your children’s future, there’s something to have contempt for. Why should my tax dollar pay for your diabetes diagnosis because you fat regressives think a BigMac is food. You are clearly someone who will do nothing with your life. You pathetic loser.

    2. I’m guessing you’re a refugee, fallen victim to the fact that the French are very closed outside of the big cities and don’t want to employ you. Welfare sucks in any EU country and it’s far, far worse in the UK. It’s also nothing to do with the EU what a member state does about it’s own sovereign affairs. You need to get over your self entitlement, pull your socks up and get your nose to the grindstone like everyone else.

      1. Are you for real? Study at school, get a job, & look after your fucking self. Same as the majority does. 😎 🇬🇧

    3. Do you really think that Erasmus is about learning a foreign language? That’s just a tiny part of it. It’s much more about what used to be called entente cordiale. Fostering understanding and mutual respect between nations and their peoples. Something that’s completely beyond the understanding of the typical Brexiteer.

      1. What a load of bull—t, you’ve no idea what you’re talking about, grow up, just because people don’t agree with you doesn’t make them ignorant scum as you seem to think.
        Try thinking like an adult, and accept that others hold different views to you, and luckily in this democratic country, this is dealt with through the ballot box, not spouting a load of juvenile bollocks

      1. And during the Referendum debate ,and all the bull afterwards , every political part denied they were racist, …….then i read your comments on here ffs at least TRY and be honest
        ( before everyone on here starts , i dont mean every leaver )

    4. Bunch of whining ninnies you like the idea of not paying for anything thats why you plastic liberals are boohooing. Items some other comments. Bs years of my life was one What our? Youre abarely out of nappies. See the bigger picture you bunch of snowflakes and get with the program. If you’re not happy leave the country.

      1. Well Brian, I would have thought you would have shut down this whole wittering pile of drivel by slipping in a sensible point there. But it would appear not. Bon courage …

    5. Xenophobic garbage, I live in France, have done for 20 years. It’s a great country. And it’s blindingly obvious that you can never learn a language as well as you can by living in the country. And by the way, I was born in Stoke.

    6. Germany comment. Do you know that in germany since the ww2 people have to give 10 pc of their earnings to charity. This is a moral society and by secularism, law is both Christian and state backed.

      But I question why Merkel invited refugees in, in great numbers while we didn’t particularly. Though I know several Syrian couples have settled here. ARE THEY TO MERELY BE Germany’s next lot of ‘slavic’ cannon fodder for ww3? So that more Germans aren’t killed, like last time. watch germany certainly.

      It is alarming even to me how far down the road if Nazi ism we are becoming though so much so that any genuine british socialism ie not communism, or liberalism can cope with the potential backlash there would be if the people dont after years more tory rule get what their desire was.

      Great swings in any one direction usually result in the people being
      usurped and the whole lot collapsing in on itself.

      A lot of folk talk democracy, but its only one way, theres absolute monarchy, another. Or dictatorship how come certain Russian and Chinese dictatorships aren’t equally critcised ever. It was 17.4 million voted to leave. We got what we voted for, 4 years ago, now it’s up to the entrepreneurs of your assumed generation to make Britain great, I’m retired now and though I could possibly do, Im a professional electronics and electrical/mechanical engineer, I won’t work for money as the tax man will take almost all of it off me. I do volunteering instead in a totally different line. Living off my small pension, which anyway through several redundancies, and being lied to by parent companies pension departmentsand the eqitable debacle that virtually, stole off me, is about 1/4 my last pay at best.

      But is enough to live on I don’t complain.

      As to Turkey’s, do you know how they behave towards the weaker of their own kind? Savagely is the answer, like raptors. I saw a white one pecked to death in a farm where the ordinary coloured ones did the pecking if took about 1/4 hour.

      Don’t compare conservatives with Turkey’s even though yould like to ‘stuff’ a few of them. Thats why youre a Labour type obviously late developer. If Boris is so bad you can take comfort in the fact that he’ll get his just rewards in heaven or the hot place with ol Nick batting the rough end of pinapples up his bottom take that image with you. Pace e bene.

      I use the ellipsis because want my readers to think about what I’ve written so far before commenting back to me, even if tacitly, I realise now, that this isn’t technically correct and would never not write a piece that merely left out some words which I think is just lazy writing. As this seems to be a common approach to bbc talk on the news which I dont regards as English certainly not your proper ingalish Innit! … by the way France isnt a shithole its just some of the people, most of them are us, 1066 and all that. Though they do need you to shit through a hole the floor. I’m told its a more natural straining stance and piss in the street. While us english don’t make our kids put their waste actually in the bin! I suppose it gives someone a job…. I was recently in France to see a relative, a pensioner who couldnt afford to live in England, I was very impressed to see schol children sponsored by a big super market chain “Supermarche” picking up rubbish and taking it away before the tourist season started. There is a policy that no rubbish is collected in France soon, I wonder how they’re going to get on with that policy. But more importantly why we dont make our kids do litter picking? Or perhaps you think they should not? Let me know please? Id wish to instill them with a sense of community and cant think of anything that is more important than being tidy for visitors! Or more practically socially active and responsible of supermarkets to clean up after themselves its not all about them making profit.

    7. So let’s break this down shall we?

      “I am stuck here with no work and no income, only people have helped me. The French state has not.”

      The French state has not helped you…..the FRENCH state…not the EU. Yet you blame the EU. Do you want the EU to fund you? Do you want the EU to force France to give you an income? Do you want the EU to interfere in France’s policy? Who’s fault is this the EU or France?

      Clearly the answers to that is that the EU is not forcing France to pay for you, and it is the French government you have a problem with. Nothing to do with the EU.

      Just like 99% of the issues the Brexit lot blame the EU for are actually the fault of the UK government.

      And as for learning French in the UK. Try it. You’ll won’t even learn a tenth of what you will learn in France itself.

    1. Yes. Quite.
      “Democracy” that promised none of these things would change in order to win a vote is now getting rid of them.
      I look forward to seeing your response when something you relied on goes as well. It’ll happen

      1. Cast your tiny mind back and in the referendum the Majority of the people who bothered to vote, voted to leave, those who didn’t vote for whatever reason do not count, in a democracy a win can be one vote, so it doesn’t matter what percentage voted leave or remain, that is how democracy works in this country.
        If it doesn’t work that way its not a democracy whatever the question.
        As I said previously if you don’t agree with the system and how it works, then change it through the ballot box if you can.
        Any other course is a slippery slope to a dictator ship, just because you don’t agree with the result it doesn’t make your claim legitimate.

      1. Really? Then if you won any aren’t you in government? I know why, because you, like all the other leftie fuckwits talk nothing but bollocks. If you don’t like losing move to an EU country. The UK ain’t one. 😎🇬🇧

        1. Typical brexiteer. We will still be part of Europe after brexit and there will still be the same number if not more illegal immigrants coming into the UK. Main reason for that all Europeans outside the UK will be illegal immigrants and the illegal immigrants that entered the UK before will continue to break the law and enter the UK after brexit. Lol. You racist idiots have no idea and you still believe that the party that failed for the last 3 years to get brexit done are the ones to get bexit done… Has Boris finished building the 3 new NHS hospitals yet or started building them for that matter? His proposals are very similar to the ones he blocked may from submitting but to make any radical changes that he claimed mays proposal was lacking, seems very difficult for Boris to negotiate successfully.

        2. Technically, for the next 11 and a half months, it absolutely still is an EU country.

          Furthermore, until negotiations have completed you don’t yet know what Brexit will entail.

          You seem to trust Boris and the current government to deliver. While this is laudable, it is also naive. You’ll find out why during this year.

    2. Democracy says 13.9 million voted for Johnson’s deal or to leave the EU against 16.5 million who voted for a Remain party, now that’s democracy.

    3. Yes democracy won! Sadly the neo liberals will never accept it… Not get behind their country to make it really work. They continue to be abusive to anyone who has a different opinion and then get on the defensive when they are called out for it… Wanting to protest or take legal action. They always cling on to any excuse and think that changing the narrative will change the reality! It’s really simple more people voted to leave than to remain… More people voted for a government with a policy of leaving the EU. These are facts that they need to accept rather than try to manipulate it, saying ridiculous things like more people voted for remain parties.

      1. If Brexit brings benefits, then remainers will eat their words. If Brexit screws the very people who democratically voted for it the remainers will eat popcorn while watching the poor brexiteers eat the rich brexiteers who convinced the turkeys to vote for Christmas. It’s either gonna be good or great. I cannae wait – all those benefits 😀

        1. Gobble gobble gobble. Me too Jack I would love to sit and watch from the front row do you have knowledge of who is selling the tickets and it will be hilarious watching the bexiteers faces especially when they realise that brexit doesn’t change the face that the UK will still be a European country LOL.

      2. Germany comment. Do you know that in germany since the ww2 people have to give 10 pc of their earnings to charity. This is a moral society and by secularism, law is both Christian and state backed.

        But I question why Merkel invited refugees in, in great numbers while we didn’t particularly. Though I know several Syrian couples have settled here. ARE THEY TO MERELY BE Germany’s next lot of ‘slavic’ cannon fodder for ww3? So that more Germans aren’t killed, like last time. watch germany certainly.

        It is alarming even to me how far down the road if Nazi ism we are becoming though so much so that any genuine british socialism ie not communism, or liberalism can cope with the potential backlash there would be if the people dont after years more tory rule get what their desire was.

        Great swings in any one direction usually result in the people being
        usurped and the whole lot collapsing in on itself.

        A lot of folk talk democracy, but its only one way, theres absolute monarchy, another. Or dictatorship how come certain Russian and Chinese dictatorships aren’t equally critcised ever. It was 17.4 million voted to leave. We got what we voted for, 4 years ago, now it’s up to the entrepreneurs of your assumed generation to make Britain great, I’m retired now and though I could possibly do, Im a professional electronics and electrical/mechanical engineer, I won’t work for money as the tax man will take almost all of it off me. I do volunteering instead in a totally different line. Living off my small pension, which anyway through several redundancies, and being lied to by parent companies pension departmentsand the eqitable debacle that virtually, stole off me, is about 1/4 my last pay at best.

        But is enough to live on I don’t complain.

        As to Turkey’s, do you know how they behave towards the weaker of their own kind? Savagely is the answer, like raptors. I saw a white one pecked to death in a farm where the ordinary coloured ones did the pecking if took about 1/4 hour.

        Don’t compare conservatives with Turkey’s even though yould like to ‘stuff’ a few of them. Thats why youre a Labour type obviously late developer. If Boris is so bad you can take comfort in the fact that he’ll get his just rewards in heaven or the hot place with ol Nick batting the rough end of pinapples up his bottom take that image with you. Pace e bene.

  2. What did people expect? If you voted to leave the EU then don’t expect to be able to keep the perks.
    I suspect many that voted to leave will be the biggest moaners. Tough, it serves you right!

    1. Have you looked at the countries in Erasmus+? Maybe you should. You’ll then realise that it’s wider than the EU28(soon 27).

      Also voting down an amendment to legally tie this into the Brexit Bill is far from exiting Erasmus… but still, it’s more fun to froth at the mouth and post hyperbole.

  3. The areas in the UK that mostly voted leave are coincidentally the most subsidised by the EU. And can you really say democracy won, when people voted based on lies. Every single claim made by the leave campaign has been proven false. Every single one. This has always been about dodging regulations, not “the will of the British people”…

  4. We go on and on over Brexit. The red lines should have been set by Cameron before the vote,but he was too smug and certain of the result. If the option is in or out then it’s very simple to determine a result but then spend years moaning about it.

  5. More lunacy….but this is what the great British public voted for and those who did deserve the consequences. It was always clear to any thinking person that it would be the end for all manner of initiatives that we have learnt to enjoy.
    I pray that some kind of awareness and clear thinking will prevail.

    1. In that case shut up, and at some point in the future we will see who was right
      Get over it.
      According to you 17 4 million people who voted leave couldn’t think for themselves, what patronising rubbish, can I put you down as a moron who doesn’t understand why we voted leave?
      We were trying for over forty years to get the chance to vote to leave the EU, after being lied to by a conspiracy of PM’s and politicians who led us into what it has now become, a federal instition, whereas we voted to join a trading group, with no politics or harmonisation.
      It has only happened because the establishment and the bleeding heart metropolitan elite slipped up when David Cameron decided to hold a referendum, they were all so arrogantly sure that those who wanted to leave could be ignored again, as they had been for over forty years. They then came unstuck when we voted to leave, despite being told in a publicly funded document all the downsides of leaving, which promised to honour the result, something that every mendacious Mp agreed to
      That was a binary vote of in or out, forget any of your other spurious arguments, that was all that was voted for, and in full knowledge of the consequences.
      For all your babbling on about Brexit lies, you’re obviously have a selective memory of the tales of doom, particularly mass unemployment, financial market crash, economy that would go into free fall, claimed by the remain side, remain have no claim to have told the truth, but leave never was able to produce a leaflet or whatever claiming the benefits of leaving at public expense as was the remain side.
      So stop trying to claim that leavers were ignorant and didn’t know what we were voting for, not like the fools who couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed or stop doing whatever else they were doing instead of taking the trouble to vote.

    1. The only idiots here are Remainers. The majority who couldn’t even make the effort to vote. Thats what comes with conceitedness

      1. How dare you. I did bloody vote and so did my partner. At the time we were made homeless after being evicted illegally from our almost paid for mortgaged home. We lost all our possessions and were refused any opportunity to appeal. COUNTY COURT BAILIFFS DID NOT SERVE AN EVICTION NOTICE THEY WAITED FOR US TO LEAVE OUR HOME TO ATTEND A COURT HEARING AND DRILLED THE LOCKS ON OUR FRONT DOOR. JUST TO DEMONSTRATE A POINT after we broke back into our home we were able to continue to live their for 8 month more without any disruption. You can’t call the police if you are the ones committing the crimes.

        I was a true patriarch and fully believed in the UK law, courts, police and government. Never Ever again.

        Dispite my partner and I working all our lives, paying our bills paying our taxes we were not given any help. We were without a home for 3 years, we lost everything we had every worked for, we lost our jobs and had to live in our car which was taken off us because we had no identification to access our bank accounts and ould not see that insurance payments had not been maintained. Both my partner and I have been physically and mentally scarred and could not access the NI benefits in which we have ploughed a combined total of £250000 into. Do I trust our government no way. Its been recently brought to our attention that Countrywide and Gmac that caused the economic crash in 2008 have not answered for their actions which has increased our UK homeless number beyond number that are impossible to comprehend. I have only just managed to get our lives back on track and keep hearing you stupid picks saying leave without a deal and we will just have to cope in the meantime… Nobody realises if my life or my partners life takes another turn for the worse again I really don’t think either of us have any will to live.

        We are both honest hard working citizens ghat used to have good health and lived comfortable honest lives. Our country destroyed all of that and continue to hold those responsible to account.

        1. I’m so sorry to hear this, would you mind explaining a bit how this came about and how Brexit played into it? Dreadful, reslly dreadful. This is what infuriates me, even the spectre of Brexit, since Brexit hasn’t happened yet, has a very real cost to it!

    There will be no border between GB and NI. …Oops. missed that one.

    We’ll always welcome the truly vulnerable.to our shores…as long as we can take our commitment to supporhild refugees out of the legislation. Done that so all’s well.

    We’re leaving the EU not leaving Europe….except for mutually beneficial and reciprocal schemes like Erasmus. Tick. That’s gone.

    Workers’ rights anyone?

    And wherever you stand on Europe, please stop the personal abuse. Other people’s views may be different to yours but they’re just that, different, not evil.

    1. Except we haven’t left Erasmus+. The amendment to the bill making it a legal requirement was voted down. Once we’re out we can still be in various EU things like Erasmus+… look at the countries who are part of it or arts funding.

      An it’s NATO that’d protect our shores now and, unless it’s radically debanded, in the future too.

  7. The British people are NOT LAZY there hard working people who work more hours then most of the. eu.the NHS as been taken for granted that’s due to all the non paying immigrants that come to this country it puts pressure on the NHS plus all the uk benefits that the eu claim for families that dont even live in the uk and have never paid a penny into our system glad we are leaving the EU once and for all

    1. Wow, you really did swallow the rhetoric.
      So how you going to stop the “spongers” (as you seem to think of them) coming from outside the EU??? There’s alot more than come from Europe. Maybe cancelling all international flights might help (great for our carbon footprint BTW so a win win). Then we only need to sink the small boats crossing the channel and job done!
      We really are a nasty nation.

      1. Spot on John, our EU nhs staff do a grand job in propping up the NHS. However be under no illustration that as soon as the economy picks up in their own country and/or used the NHS to gain experience or reputation then they will leave to go home. I know this for a fact!

        1. And you know that how, Alan?
          NHS is kept running by EU and International staff. Private social care sector is kpet running by EU and International staff.
          The only reason for people leaving is the uncertainty that Brexit has put on everyone not owning a British Passport.
          Will I have a job after Brexit having in mind some people talk about a salary threshold of 30k when the NHS does not pay anything close to that to anyone that does not hold any managerial job?
          Will I have to pay extra taxes, like the 600 pounds tax for the NHS that I don`t use but which I work for?
          Will my family be allowed to visit me if the free movement will dissapear and there is still no actual system in place for “tourist entry visas” ?
          Will I be allowed to re-enter the country having no physical proof of a settled status as the government refuses to give ID cards to EU nationals to prove their settled status?
          We are talking about 150000 EU and International staff only in the NHS. And probably more than that working in the private Health and Social care sector. All living in uncertainty with no answers given by the incapable torry government.
          It is no wonder way less people from the EU apply for jobs in Healthcare in the UK and some that used to work here decided it is time to move away.

          1. Well as it happens I’ve buggered off even with a British passport, being dual national South African and having been courted by a South African company to consider relocating. It was a hard choice having lived more than 2 decades in the UK, to move away fron what is/was home. The weakening in the pound however, and endless fuckwittery and asininety around Brexit made the decision a lot easier though, it has to be said. I’ve many times asked for a careful, well-reasoned, well argued justification and quantification of expected benefits to Brexit and not once have I seen anything remotely convincing. But, with the recent election, I’m beat. I give up. To those who voted for BoJo, you’ve truly won. I still think it’s a grave mistake, but hey, on your head be it. I sincerely hope you prove me wrong and we end up better off on each of our bottom lines, with more rights and freedoms than we would have had than if we stayed soon! For the forseeable I’ll be contending with South Africa’s many challenges.

    2. You should stop reading the Sun & Express Richard. The NHS is being propped up by those immigrants who are working 12 hour shifts to keep us alive. Having just spent a week on the Cardiac unit and having 3 operations all by ‘ foreigners ‘ and then being looked after by more ‘ foreigners ‘ in the intensive care ward I’m truly thankful that they didn’t do what the other 8100 NHS workers from the EU did and go back to where they were born.

      Hopefully if you get sick in the future you can ask for English staff to tend to you. Or if you are Welsh pay for your own prescriptions which is coming real soon…..

    3. Richard, have a look at the benefit claims in your county.
      You will see that EU nationals have very low percentage of people that claim benifits while the british people are draining the budgets. Also statistically speaking, the hard working people of Britain have taken bilions more in benifits compared to the contribitions in the past 30 years while the “non-paying immigrants” have contribituted way more then they have received in benefits.

      As for official Library of Commons Statistics on Migrants and Benefits in the entire country there are a total of 113,960 EU benefit claimants, wich represent only 2,2% of the total claims in the country.
      5.2% of all claims were made by non EEA immigrants and the rest of 92.6% claimed by the british.

      Population wise, only 3,16% of EU nationals in the UK claim benefits (of a total of roughly 3.6 million EEA migrants living in the UK) , while 8.7% of the UK citizens claim benifits.
      This shows that “NOT LAZY” average briton will claim benifits 2.75 times more than the EU “non-paying” immigrant.
      As talking about contributions and “spending a penny”, i will quote a study by Oxford Economics:

      “Migrants from the EU contribute £2,300 more to the exchequer each year in net terms than the average adult, the analysis for the government has found.
      And, over their lifetimes, they pay in £78,000 more than they take out in public services and benefits – while the average UK citizen’s net lifetime contribution is ZERO.”

  8. I”m Scottish and I’ve been trying to let people know, long before the so called Referendum that we should never trust a Tory Government with our Democracy. The Conservative’s will never be a Democratic Party because that would mean that they would have to put the People First.

    This is a fact and you have got to believe it. All we need to do is look at the way they went on during the run-up to the Referendum and after that close result. Everything they came out with was all lies because that’s what they do. What surprised me about it all was that the amount of people who ignored the Lies and let another Tory Government into Office with a larger majority.

    When will the people in the UK learn that the Tory’s don’t want us to be a Democracy, they have always wanted us to be a Dictatorship. Another way to look at is this;
    Yours Sincerely;
    Robert Paterson:
    From Hawick/Scottish Borders:

  9. Can’t quite grasp some of these comments,we r leaving the shit show of EU and running our own country.We signed up to a trade deal 40 years ago not to be ruled by EU.

    1. Actually Keith you didn’t. It was clear from the start what you were voting for in 1975, ever closer union. It was even printed in the Daily Mail (who supported it). YOU may have misunderstood, but don’t rewrite history.

      As for being ruled by the EU. Don’t be daft. If we were ruled by the EU we wouldn’t be able to leave. Fact is we were PARTNERS in the EU, with a great deal of influence. We got our own way 95% of the time. I bet you don’t get that from any partnership you’ve been in.

      What you’ve voted for is to let Boris and his cronies tell you what to do without any democratic oversight at all. And when it comes to food standards, it’ll be Trump’s lot who call the shots.

      Thanks to your vote the UK is now a vassal state. Sure we can choose not to do what Trump wants, we have that freedom, but it’s the same choice a beggar faces if they turn down the free food in the soup kitchen.

      But hey, you knew exactly what you were voting for didn’t you? Be sure to tell your friends and relatives that when they lose their jobs. Be sure to tell them you knew it would happen and you voted for it to happen. Look them in the eye and tell them that.

  10. The so called peoples vote was 17.4 million against 16.1 remain, total 33.5 million, eligable electorate at time was 46million so how does 17.4 million represent the will of the nation?

    1. However the electorate didn’t get a chance to vote in the 90s when it went from the EEC to the EU (losing sovereignty)… We should have!

  11. In 1973 67% of the population voted to join the EU. This huge majority didn’t stop the constant euro sceptics from campaigning to leave right up to the second referendum in 2016 in which 52% voted to leave. Don’t have a go at the pro EU 48% campaigning to rejoin. After all isn’t that their democratic right?

    1. The EU and European citizenship were established when the Maastricht Treaty came into force in 1993, not 1967. That was a different vote for a different thing.

  12. There is no point in bickering about the outcome of the vote any more, we are clearly leaving, good or bad only time will tell…
    Hopefully it won’t be as bad as some state
    Let’s do what the British do best and get on with it in a positive manner

    1. I’m not fucking bickering I’m fucking angry. We can leave the EU without throwing all our toys out the pram. What earthly good does it do for our young people to take away their chances like this? What is the point? ffs

      1. Get with it, the way our system works that is the way it has always happened under our present voting system, if you don’t like it change it through the ballot box.
        By the way it wasn’t a Peoples Vote, that’s a term dreamed up by the remainers who wanted to rerun THE REFERENDUM, can’t say I’ve ever noticed people revolting and throwing their toys out the pram when their party weren’t voted in to power at any General Election that I’ve ever heard of, is it just the case that you only accept democracy when the vote is in your favour?

  13. I’ve seen some grade ‘A’ classist comments from lefties on here. Jesus h christ, honestly unironically sprinting towards legitimate fascism and then these metropolitan fuck-wits wonder how they lost the North. You couldn’t make this shit up.

    1. Why are you soooo upset with the result of you vote? You should be well happy, were leaving,!!!!! The only down side from your perspective is that your going to have to accept what ever deal big bad boris can squeeze out of the EU. It was supposed to be drawbridge up, chuck out all our euro neighbours, WTO and sail off to North America.

  14. It’s about time we as a nation stopped giving handouts not only to immigrant but also the lazy sods in Britain I voted out because we are to soft free NHS to foreigners we have to have insurance when we go abroad . drive you pays tolls . . Go on holiday pay local tax do the same here . If you want to come to brit get a job be able to pay your way ,I’ve paid into the system for 47 years had very little out of it .Brexit is going to be complicated we know it’s not going to be plain sailing .just wish remainers would stop moaning, the majority voted out, let’s get on with it

    1. Oh the irony. You’ve paid into the “system” for 47 years, but still have very little grasp of the English language. I suspect that these “immigrant” you speak of can probably conjugate a sentence far better than you.

      1. I had a polish couple as neighbour’s. Your right John they got £17 off their council tax & nothing towards rent. He worked long hours at a bakery. She gave birth & because she hadn’t worked got no family allowance. They couldn’t survive so they returned to Poland. I know all this as I attended all visits to the JC & filled out all the forms as their English wasn’t too good. Asylum seekers receive help but people dont seem to know the difference.
        Tory lies didn’t help with pictures of lines of immigrants on that bus !
        I see a lot of ping ponging between the Lords & common’s but Boris will push through his Bill’s. We’re screwed !!

      2. Aren’t you a clever obnoxious git.
        Seems your education has been wasted when it comes to understanding how Demoracy works.
        No doubt and like you, I’m assuming, something I can’t possibly know, the gentleman had to get out earning a living when he he was 15, not through choice, but in those days, many of us rarely got a chance of higher education as it was only a very select few who did get the opportunity of higher education, unlike these days of lazing around ‘learning’ into the mid or late twenties with many mickey mouse subjects of current generations.
        Besides, have you never heard
        “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”

    2. Immigrants don’t get handouts the moment they get here, that is false. They also qualify for benefits only after a number of years, which goes for nonEU immigrants as well as EU ones. Plus we were told by politicians both left and right with no concrete plans on how to leave that Brexit WASN’T going to be complicated, we could have our cake and eat it, negotiate an agreement getting us the same benefits outside as being on the inside, there’d be only considerable upsides, we’d hold all the cards, sunlit uplands etc etc etc…and nothing you’ve said relates to the loss of Erasmus either.
      We’ve got a government and parliament that is indeed getting on with leaving just as you want but don’t deny we were told the opposite of what’s happened so far; that MPs would vote against even trying to get the govt to negotiate for retaining positive aspects of EU membership FOR OUR YOUNG PEOPLE

  15. Most British students don’t want to study in the EU the majority only speak English so why would they want to study in France this story is rubbish.theres still people around who will complain about the outcome of democracy.

    1. Just what is so bad or wrong about the Erasmus scheme that it should be denied to UK students who’ll find it a valuable and rewarding experience? And just like Euratom, amongst other issues – when was the future of Erasmus brought up during the referendum campaign?

  16. Voted remain.
    Got a degree.
    No rent or mortgage.
    Grow a lot of my own food.
    Putting my feet up with a nice cup of tea.
    Watch the UK fall apart and burn.
    Leavers are so desiccated.
    Going to burn first…….

    1. Got a degree but doesn’t know an ellipsis is … it’s always hilarious when a person attempts to be smug about their education , then makes an embarrassing fail at primary level grammar.

      I have a PhD and two bachelor’s degrees. I own a house and land. I’d rather grow flowers than food. Wtf has any of your little list “achievements” got to do with Brexit? I promise, Brexit will have zero effect on the food supplies here. I’m drinking vodka because tea is for breakfast.

      I’m not a petty, insecure individual who needs to brag and enjoy the misfortune of others.

      It’s interesting you think so little of a country that educated you, gave you healthcare and the right to land where you can sit with those feet up in safety.

      Only the mentally unstable enjoy watching things burn and crow about who’s burning first. The decent, educated people step up to help.

      I hope you get help for that personality disorder it sounds like you have. Or maybe you just need to grow up🤷 or possibly get laid. Whatever. Good luck with it🤣🇬🇧

  17. Welcome to The Bubble. Lots of people spouting to each other what we all want to hear. Whether any of it is factual is irrelevant, as long as it satisfies our desire to slag off the Tories and Brexiteers.

    Erasmus participation is going to continue after we have left the EU. It already has a number of non-EU participants and the Government has made clear our involvement will continue. Sorry to bring you the bearer of good news as this is the last thing you want to hear on this site.

    D Judge writes that we voted to join the EU in 1973. We joined the European Economic Community without a vote in that year and only had a referendum on participation in 1975. In that election, Tony Benn and Enoch Powell explained to the British people that this was not an economic construct but ultimately a political one, ‘a United States of Europe’. This was denied by all the mainstream parties but had they been honest about it, then it is very likely that there would have been an overwhelming majority wanting to leave. Then in 1992 there was the Maastricht Agreement which converted the economic zone into a political one, which meant countries giving up a large number of sovereign powers to Brussels, and there was no vote on that for the British people whatsover.

    There was a Referendum in 2016. Boris is accused of telling numerous lies such as increased payments to the NHS. He has increased payments to the NHS. He was accused of running away from finishing the job. He is finishing the job. We were told of the destruction to the UK economy just by having the vote. The UK economy has continued to grow. Now that we are leaving, a large number of Remainers are admitting it might actually be very good. In fact, the other day the CEBR, made up of both Remainers and Brexit supporters, took a cautious view on Britain on performance to 2035, ranking it as the 6th largest economy in the world in 2020 and the 6th largest in 2035. During that time it is expected to grow faster than all major European economies. So much for the disaster of Brexit.

    Finally, let me address the Referendum of 2016 in terms of vote share. People who voted, and they are the only ones who count, voted in the majority to leave. The assumption that all abstainers were leavers is an absurdity. The majority won! Or put it your way, only 1 in 3 people voted to Remain so I can use your argument and say that 2 in 3 must have wanted to stay! We have since had two General Elections. The first was indecisive. The second gave the Tories a cracking majority and a mandate – to the degree that any Government has a mandate with the highest %age vote for a governing party since 1970.

    1. Dominic. I found your paragraph about the referendum result intriguing, read it several times in fact. I suspect that it does not say what you intended it to? If I am correct then maybe there is an opportunity for me to proof read future posts for you?

        1. Alan, while Graham is a patronising twat, he is correct. I was in such a rush doing useful things in a build up to the excitement of Brexit that I did write too quickly and got things the wrong way round, 2 in 3 wanted to leave, not to stay, and the view that all abstainers were Remainers (not Leavers as I wrote) is an absurdity. So thank you for your defence and accurate description of Graham but at the same time Graham did provide a useful service.

    2. Hmmm . . . only 4 out of 10 I’m afraid and that’s only for effort.
      Let’s start with the myth that gets repeated over and over: that there was no vote for Maastricht. John Major signed Maastricht in Feb 92 and just two months later went to the country. He won that election with the most votes in British electoral history. There you have it – resounding approval from the electorate for Maastricht. Also remember he negotiated Maastricht with a mandate from the British people: we are governed by Representative Democracy not Direct Democracy. Sorry to bring you that bit of good news as this is the last thing you Brexiteer chappies want to hear.
      Arithmancy. There’s far too much arithamancy in your screed: predictions about what might have happened almost half a century ago if a prediction about the EU had not been denied. Predictions based on predictions! Fanciful forecasts about the UK’s economic ranking 15 years from now! My advice is to stay away from this stuff – it makes it look like you’re making the whole thing up. Also, it doesn’t help that during the Blair years we were the FOURTH largest economy in the world. What’s the best way to become the 6th largest economy in the world? Well, start off as the 4th largest economy in the world and then Brexit of course!
      You’re absolutely right that the UK economy has continued to grow since the referendum . . . but that’s with us still in the EU. Sneaky, eh? So much for the disaster of EU membership!
      Boris did not promise ‘increased’ payments to the NHS he promised the very specific figure of a third of a billion a week! He wrote it on his bus. ‘Increased payments’ doesn’t cut it I’m afraid.
      Enoch Powell warned the EU was a political project. Yes, and he wrote that it was the re-emergence of the Holy Roman Empire. Marvellous rhetoric for half a century ago but all a bit fanciful with hindsight.
      Anyway, take heart- 4 out of 10 is not bad for a work of complete fiction. Nice try.

  18. Wow. It’s truly staggering how aggressive and foul-mouthed these libtard remoaner comments are on here. Some people will always resist the psychotic programming you’ve been willingly subject to. Deal with it.

      1. So sad so sad that you blame others for your own failings. No one will tell you that your home etc can be taken off you and thats to be adressed perhaps, at least under conservativism you were able to get back on your feet. But hey ho the labour lot tell bigger lies. Brexit has no evil spectre. Corbyn does. A baffoon is a person behaving like a baboon from baffin island maybe! Your tax pound not dollar! We are British dont ever forget that son. I am diabetic and incidentally so are you. It’s not about what you eat to get it, though in my case maybe too much of carbohydrate foods which Im tackling by dietary change and exercise. However I grow my own veg, I need potatoes in England as I cant grow enough pasta, what else feeds the energy requirements of living? I voted leave because I dont believe in towers of babel 17,4 mil other people don’t too. So too does God, sorrry for non believers I guess youve selected your place in the pit. Plus the frexit itexit grexit spexit ones in France, Italy, Greece, Spain etc etc.

        You could grow your own veg too mate. Flowers cant generally be eaten. This will give you more taste than sainsburys grub ok youll have to cut the wonky carrots a bit.
        Excuse my ignorance
        What is an ellipsis? Sort of figure of circle on its side? Or did you mean some political device or other? Or “” ?

    1. On the other hand it is refreshing to read the leavers calm and constructive arguments without a hint of malice or personal insult

  19. I find it amazing that so many people can see into the future. I have one question; what are this week’s Euromillions numbers?

  20. No one is denying imagrants who need help are not welcome in this country, but the simple fact is a lot of people are using this country to carry on Criminal acts which they have been committing in there country. I live in Oxford and it’s well known that Albanians run a lot of the drugs here. Are they paying there taxes? Are they contributing to the problems they are creating? In every warp of life you have good and bad people I understand. But we have enough of those sought of people who were born and bread in the UK. Regards to studying language abroad I feel for you but like free university fees , I don’t expect for people to pay for my life choices so I don’t want to pay for there’s.

    1. Great argument for scraping the NHS, if we all paid for private health care none of us would need to pay for the lifestyle choices of others.
      No NHS funding crisis. Problem solved..
      OK what’s next???

  21. I never mentioned the NHS. Your starting a argument for no reason. I was talking about something completely different. What next for you Sir?

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Next for me is rebuilding my business.
      I used to exercise my right (sadly voted away) to pitch for work across the continent, taking fantastic British tradesmen to work on projects around Europe, and my god we were good. But sadly that’s over forever. No freedom of movement – remenber? In this country I had a substantial group of clients in European banking, they’ve all moved to other European cities.
      So, I’ve alot of work to do. The last 3 years have been devastating financially, and has cost me 10s of thousands of pounds in lost or cancelled contracts and almost cost me my house.
      You are a leaver, good for you. You won, stop complaining. I wouldn’t wish what has happened to me on you. But don’t pretend that this whole issue has not been and still is the most devisive thing this country has done since the English civil War. Its split families and friends and will continue to blight us for years.
      What you, the true be-leavers need to work on is trying to hold this little united kingdom together, after all, the road we’re on is what you voted for.
      And who knows, as Rees Mogg said Wirh a bit of luck we should begin to feel the brexit benifts with the next 50 years.
      I wish you well, enjoy the ride.

      1. Hi Daniel hadn’t seen your post below.
        So shouldn’t have said you are a leaver. But the point still stands.
        Be-leavers should be building bridges or this animosity will continue for decades.
        I’m going to sit tight and lick my wounds.
        At the moment I’m still not happy. But maybe that will change,, given 10-20 years or so.

    1. They are listening. We voted to leave. I’m a remainer but we live in a democracy. I’m not happy about everything that happens in this country but in general life we have to respect what people think and believe in.
      I wish we had enough money to look after everyone financially, but we don’t. I would like for people to have free university education but we don’t have enough money to pay for this. Hopefully you don’t leave.
      All the best.

      1. Yet many EU countries can afford to pay for free university education for their students. If they can afford it, why can’t the UK? All the UK is doing is spitefully reducing its tax base. It amuses me that brexiters claim they want to create a highly skilled trading nation but bitterly oppose making the investment in the creaking education system to provide the highly skilled workers to make that a reality. Sorry, you won’t acquire trading pre-eminence from an economy of dog grooming businesses. You need the very people that brexiters are abusing in these comments

  22. Just tory policy to dumb down education following the Trump Regime in America they hope that by deterring remainers they will end up as thick and uneducated as the average leaver

  23. Any scheme that MADE the career of Femi, king of butthurt? I’m glad they had the sense to vote to ditch it, I agree it should be scrapped asap before it creates more like him.

    People will still be able to study here. People getting outraged for the sake of it is getting so tedious.

  24. Its amazing to read a thread with so many disastrous themes and views.
    Leave won. People need to get over it.
    Boris won, people need to accept it and what it means to live under conservative rule (you can vote again in 5 years).
    The British empire was evil, no it didn’t do a single good thing for the world and if you think it did, you are brainwashed. The best way to think of it is to imagine if Hitler won the war and looted and defiled England turning this once great land into a third world country and then left behind enough bad political division to make sure millions of people will be killed or disaffected for at least the next 100 years. Then add the insult of a German nationalist telling the Brits that we bought German law and German democracy to your country and therefore it was a good thing and that you should ” go read a book…. “.

      1. Any thinking person in 1975 could see the trajectory of the EEC. It was stated quite clearly in the Treaty of Rome. If brexit supporters did not know that then it’s because they were too lazy to read about it. It is also a flat out lie to pretend that the EEC would be acceptable to brexiters. When asked to choose a post brexit future that would be similar to the old EEC they angrily rejected claiming it was “just like the EU”

  25. Good points made in comments but way too much partisanship insults. End of the day the British people made their choice. Should I say (English) and it was clear. How ever much we think it was the wrong choice. And yes Erasmus is more than just understanding a foreign language it is about understanding other cultures and general entente between European powers. And yes British history is one of slavery, robbing of nations all around the globe and the world as we know it today is still trying to cope with the mistakes of said empire. But that all is the past. As of being lackeys of the US Britain is already. Since back when Tony Blair went to Irak knowing full well that Irak had no WMD. The coming decade will show if Britain made a good or bad choice. Let’s hope Britain as a country survives.

  26. Why I you guys still going on about stay in the EU it’s dead isn’t it, hitler’s one world order didn’t work EU proves it. Poor being deprived of help, poor education, Euro zone dankrupting itself, state turning on each other mass resesion. Why do you remainders keep going on about British colonial times. What we gave has made those countries profit and any issues they have now is down to stupity in their current government’s. THE WOLRD IS BIG! it’s not just Europe OK? Leavers don’t hate the people they leave because the EU experiment isn’t working we are just the first of many.

    Travel outside of the EU I have been all over the world we in the UK are so privileged.

    1. If you think any of that codswallop is true, why don’t you read the foreign press on brexit. In fact support in EU countries for staying in the EU has risen significantly since brexit. No one will be following Britain. Not Greece, not Hungary, not Poland, not France. What the EU needs to do now is work on creating an integrated defence force. Now that we no longer have the subversive influence of Britain undermining us we can make progress on that. NATO is well past its sell by date and Trump shows us that the US can not be relied upon. Time for us to stand on our own feet.

  27. It’s also going to stop all the sponging twats who have come to the uk for one thing only benefits, just look at the amount of old people that have come here it’s not for work , so dont blame us the great brexiteers.

  28. The bleatings of the entitled elitist snowflakes are music to my ears. Those who have taken advantage of Erasmus have been taking money from British taxpayers and given nothing back. They are worthy only of contempt.
    They have mine.

  29. When a government like France has doesnt provide help for it’s people you know those people ain’t good people! Get educated and you wont need help from elsewhere!

  30. Its rather sad to hear all these remainers crying about losing something yet they dont ever talk about the gains! We are a member of the top 7 wealthiest countries yet our police forces our hospitals and our schools are all receiving cuts! Dont you people see that we have been robbed for years by the European parliament and it’s now time that the people get their country back and their well hard earned tax payers cash!

    1. There aren’t any gains. You are walking out of the largest multinational free trade zone in the world with nothing to replace it. Any trade agreement you negotiate with the EU will be inferior and will gravely weaken the competitiveness of British export businesses, many of which will be forced to relocate to the EU to survive. Any trade treaties with other nations will be years away. Even a trade treaty with the US is unlikely to add much as the main growth area is agriculture and the UK cannot compete on price with US agribusinesses. The only opportunities are for niche players.

  31. If people want to study abroad then they should payfor it themselves not expect the taxpayers to pay for it.
    There are some students who never work just want to study not bothering to ever get a job

    1. What a stupid bitter attitude. Erasmus allows students to acquire new skills which will make them more employable. Any money taxpayers pay toward Erasmus will be richly returned with interest. But one example: the daughter of a friend of mine, who has graduated from Manchester last year with a degree in Chemical Engineering did her Erasmus in Göttingen and thus added German to her already fluent English and Russian. She won a graduate placement at a blue chip on a starting salary of £40k. I’ll wage she’ll be paying substantially more tax than anyone with your miserable spiteful attitudes.

  32. Awww Poor snowflakes, it’s now gonna be impossible to go to a country that hates us to learn their language, oh noooo… There was a vote we voted to leave stop moaning. It’s Done

    1. Exactly which country in the Erasmus+ scheme “hates us”? What’s wrong with studying abroad, learning about and living amongst other cultures for a time if the opportunity is there; building links that may eventually become future international business opportunities for the UK and ESPECIALLY when it’s open to capable working class kids equally – or is this aspect of so-called ‘buccaneering Global Britain’ just so many empty words?

      1. Nothing wrong with studying abroad. What’s wrong is trying to force the British government to accept any terms to stay in Erasmus, no matter how unfair or damaging they are to us. Now they have a negotiating position of being willing and able to walk away if the EU doesn’t play fair. We take in twice as many students as we send abroad under Erasmus and as it’s paid for out of EU central funds we pay much more into it than we take out.

  33. Cherry picking,you ll pay for the elite now,pay them brexit,about the emigrants do not forget that you are not part of shengen, enjoy the brexit show now and open your pockets to pay the elitte pupets you wote for do not forget thet even your driving license is not valid and you need to pay brexit permit, you woke up but late,take back control.

  34. I’m surprised it was up to UK to decide and not EU. With Brexit, EU should have scrapped Erasmus for UK automatically. You have all voted for it folks, with an overwhelming majority. You made the bed, now don’t complain to lie on it.

    1. It is for the EU to decide. The amendment was to enjoin the government to negotiate continued access to Erasmus for British students. Given that this cavalcade of clowns has decided to negotiate the trade treaty in a mere 11 months, there will be no time to negotiate Erasmus access. The best Johnson can achieve in the time is a very basic treaty that fail to protect British exports.

  35. You are really an idiot.
    Democracy is about finding a solution working for everybody. You get something, you give something.
    Exactly as the EU works. That’s democracy. Not some little Englander’s post-imperial paranoia blended with inferiority complex.

    I’d send you back to school, but like most of Leavers you are a lost cause.
    Remainers are younger, better educated and skilled compared with an average Leaver. We will thrive even outside the EU. You will rely on benefits from our taxes. As always.

  36. Omg the sore loser remainiacs are still blabbing on after they lost a democratic vote 3yrs ago. Best you suck up and get on with it

    1. Democratic vote? Cheating is democratic is it?

      I’ll tell you what Paul, when your friend or relative loses their job make sure you look them in the eye, and tell them straight that you voted for them to lose their job, and that they should just suck it up.

  37. Boy are the posts by brexit supporters aggressive 🙂 Strange how winning makes them so furious! Also makes it difficult for the country to “come together” when they are screaming “snowflake” and “traitor” at everyone who has concerns about brexit.

    I never took advantage of Erasmus as a student but I am certainly sad to see it go or be reduced to a bargaining chip by the government. I was born into a white working class family, won a scholarship to Oxford – incidentally the same college master Cummings went to – and have been working as a consultant for 30+ years. Never understood the attraction nationalism had for some in the working class. I guess if you’re workshy and have few commercial skills you have to grab at anything that will make you feel better about yourself and allows you blame immigrants for your failures in life.

    Fortunately I’m also an Irish citizen (thanks Mum!) so I get to retain my EU citizenship. In fact brexit will do me a favour as now I am more attractive to clients than British consultants who need a visa to work in the EU. Despite the commercial advantage brexit has furnished me, it is still a really dumb idea that seems to have stirred up some very bitter class hatred and envy in some leavers.

    If this sounds like bragging, well it is. Just to let you know some of us can circumvent your nationalist hatred. Toodle pip!

  38. Ha ha ha! Such outrage from the woke, entitled, pathetic-“the world-owes-me-a-living-for free” millennial, snowflake, spoilt-bastards. Welcome to the real world, you pathetic leeches!

    1. “the world-owes-me-a-living-for free” ?

      Sounds like you are describing lower class brexit voters who are forever blaming the taxpaying middle classes and immigrants for their being unemployable.

  39. Ha, ha, ha…lmao! So the ‘Woke’, entitled, pathetic, winging, “the-world-owes-me-a-living”, millennial, scrounging, spoilt-bastards are in feigned tears of outrage (boo-boo, sniffle). Your parents, unless they were posh-bastards, didn’t get the leg-up that you demand! For one, I’m enjoying your suffering!!!

    1. I’ve met your kind before. Messed around in school and left at 15 in the early 70s with no qualifications. Spent the 70s on the picket line. Spent the 80s on the social. Spent the 90s on the sick. And have spent the last 20 years blaming immigrants and the middle classes for your life being horrible. Can’t wait to see you face when hundreds of thousands of Indian workers start coming into the UK to do the jobs that the English underclass are ill-disposed to do, courtesy of open work visas that are a condition of any future trade deal. Bootiful.

  40. Well said that man. By the way the boy on Leeds hospital floor, yes?
    There was a hospital bed in the photo he could have used, I recognise the legs. Typical Labour favouring press to get this much so very wrong. In fact fuck off you wanker. Then why do you want my email address? This is global why dont you all fuck off. So just because the government stops something doesn’t mean you can’t go if you must. But you are already priveliged, with a good education, Why should those not studying for a degree pay for it? My brother is stuck in France after 25 years plus on nuke sub with the rn he has dementia and has tumour of the brain in past bloody good weapon that kills more brit sailors than russians. He cannot get to a port as cannot walk far. I cant get to him passport run out driving licence running out and for myself eating McDonalds forced to do this as worked in London shift. No time to stop long. But it appears a mac contains all the essential nutrients a body needs. Try doing a job before you criticise others who have to work, and are lucky enough to have a job today.

    1. The last time I checked Frankie, the education in the UK was free. So if you don’t have a good education – and your bitter envy against those who do implies you do not – then you have only yourself to blame.

    2. The Leeds boy fake eh?

      I suppose the The Chief Medical Officer for Leeds Teaching Hospitals – Dr Yvette Oade -admitting the incident was true and saying it was because they were overrun is fake is it?

      The Chief Executive of the hospital, Julian Hartley, confirming the incident and apologising, that was fake too?

      But of course you believe a random story on the Internet over official statements from real people.

      You believe a political party that lies in 88% of it’s adverts. You believe a Prime Minister who claims the media isn’t present whilst being filmed by a film crew? You believe a story about a Labour activist hitting a Tory one (used to try divert attention away from the boy on the floor) when there is actual film of the incident showing it wasn’t true?

      You believe all that? Well then I’ve got some magic beans you might be interested in.

  41. This isn’t a game of Monopoly your playing with family on a Sunday afternoon. Stop using “win” or “lose” as if it’s Boolean. This is real people’s lives on all sides of the many many viewpoints and beliefs. There will be benefits and downsides to whatever happens to this country , but thinking of it like a football score of we got 2 and they got 1 is myopic thinking at its best.
    Stop with the childish nicknames for each other , it’s playground mentality . We need unity , without it we are weak. We need community not division. Continue to destroy the fabric of our nation with the us Vs them rhetoric and with it destroy hope.

  42. At the end of the day the right wing people who have more common sense in one brain cell then the whole brain of the looney left have won.
    The left have been f**king the Uk up for years now.
    So anything done after the 31st of January will be positive. And a breath of fresh right wing common sense air.

    1. So everyone who thinks brexit is a dumb destructive idea is “loony left”? Most of the City of London are loony left? Most City economists are loony left? Most export businesses are loony left? People who want to stay in the world’s largest free trade zone are loony left?

      In the real world – as opposed to your delusional world – the hard left, the CPGB, the SWP, etc, are all hugely pro-brexit, because they think that the economic damage caused by it will create a pre-revolutionary consciousness in Britain. It’s all balls of course. But just remember sonny – they are on your side 🙂

  43. Remainer MPs tried to insert a clause in the Brexit legislation that would force the British government to accept anything the EU demanded in order to stay in Erasmus. Thank god they were defeated. How could the British government negotiate membership of Erasmus on fair terms if the EU knew that they could make any demand, no matter how outrageous, and the British government would have to accept it?

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