Unelected adviser Dominic Cummings “now in full control” of Downing Street and Treasury

It was supposed to be a “quiet” reshuffle. That was until, at just before noon today, Chancellor Sajid Javid resigned.

According to sources close to the Chancellor, “the Saj” was given an ultimatum by Boris Johnson: you can keep your job, but only as long as you sack all your advisers.


Javid decided to walk out with his team.

Former Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak has therefore been rapidly promoted to the top job, but with a major condition: Johnson and Sunak will “share” advisers to “deliver on the government’s priorities”.

Of course, we all know the most influential adviser in Downing Street is a robot man called Dominic Cummings.

Many political commentators are therefore speculating that Johnson’s chief henchman – who, let’s not forget, has never stood for office – has now seized control of both Downing Street and the Treasury.

Indeed, it was widely reported that Cummings was at loggerheads with Javid, and wanted shut of him during the reshuffle.

It seems that the Vote Leave overlord got his wish.

To hell with democracy, eh?


3 responses to “Unelected adviser Dominic Cummings “now in full control” of Downing Street and Treasury

  1. An unelected non MP running the British Government . Who is even asking questions about it ?
    What does Boris’ butler KS say about it ? Does anyone from the ‘ opposition ‘ benches have a single question tabled about it ?
    NO !
    The question is why ?

  2. The only person that would have questioned this was Jeremy Corbyn, but NO the corrupt got rid of the only honest politician on this planet.

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