UKIP leader says UK is one of the world’s most racist countries – against white people

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New UKIP leader Richard Braine (aka Dick Brain) once said that the level of racism against white people in the UK makes it one of the world’s most racist countries.


Braine was elected as UKIP leader at the weekend and has immediately provoked controversy (and not just because of his name). BuzzFeed revealed that Braine had once said that he “often confuses” London Mayor Sadiq Khan with one of the 7/7 tube bombers, before the Guardian dug up a speech from the UKIP leader arguing it should be illegal to publicly distribute the Quran in the UK.

We have now discovered that Braine claimed the UK is one of the most racist countries in the world, due to its anti-white prejudice. Posting on Twitter earlier this year, Braine said that multiculturalism is a racist policy imposed by the state to discriminate against white people.

And this was not a one-off. A few days after posting this tweet, Braine claimed that Labour MP David Lammy and Tory grandee Michael Heseltine were “extremists” with a policy of “anti-British racism”.

Indeed, it seems that Braine has made a habit of questioning history. In another tweet, he tries to downplay white slavery, by saying: “For how long did the black, brown and any other slave trade exist? […] Slave-taking is by no means just a white phenomenon.”

As we revealed last week, Braine has the support of far-right Islamophobe Tommy Robinson, and the new UKIP leader seems to share some of his views on Islam. In one tweet, Braine accuses Islam of being a “far-right” ideology – claiming that we must oppose the spread of Islam in order to defend liberalism.

Nigel Farage claims he left UKIP because of its anti-Muslim “fixation” (though his new party doesn’t have a great record on Islamophobia record either), and Braine has a few choice words for the former party leader.

In one tweet, he says that Farage wanted to turn UKIP into a “brothel” by putting his candidates at the top of election lists rather than prioritising existing members.

Braine seems like the ideal man to carry on Gerard Batten’s awful record as party leader, and plunge UKIP further into the electoral abyss.

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