UKIP leader Patricia Mountain says there are racists in the party

Patricia Mountain, the latest interim leader of UKIP, has admitted the party has racist members.

Speaking at UKIP’s manifesto launch in an embarrassingly small room in Westminster, Mountain claimed she had met racists “on the edge [of the party].”


However, she then went on to defend the same people she had labelled as racist, saying they are “not seriously racist, only people that are concerned about this country.”

Her comment followed a disastrous interview on Sky News this morning with Adam Boulton, during which she accidentally called UKIP a “racist party”.

Commenting on Tommy Robinson’s history with UKIP, she said: “I thought you’d ask me about Tommy Robinson. Now, there are some people in the party who are sympathetic with the predicament that Tommy Robinson is in. But unlike other parties, you know, because of his association with other racist parties – well, not other racist parties – racist parties, our constitution clearly says that he cannot be permitted to join us.”

Robinson was formerly a personal advisor on “rape gangs and prison reform” to Gerard Batten, leader of UKIP until June 2019.

Mountain has been interim leader since November, following the suspension of previous leader Richard Braine. This is considerable promotion for Mountain, from being UKIP’s South East regional organiser. She is UKIP’s fourth leader this year.

Earlier today on Sky News, she was unable to recall a single target seat or say how many claims for asylum are made in the UK per year. She revealed that the party, which is standing 44 candidates in total, has no black candidates, and may or may not have an Asian candidate.

Who’s betting they’ll lose each and every one of their deposits?