This is how much UK is lagging behind on coronavirus testing

In the battle against coronavirus, it’s widely held that testing is the key to controlling the disease, before a vaccine can be produced.

If we know who’s already had the virus, the government can focus its efforts on protecting those who are still at risk.


However, all indicators suggest the UK is very much lagging behind on coronavirus testing.

The AFP news agency yesterday announced that Germany had boosted its coronavirus test rate to 500,000 a week.

A virologist quoted by the news agency suggested this is why the death rate in Germany is so low (200 deaths in a population of 83 million).

In contrast, however, the UK is now conducting roughly 30,000 tests a week, and has only tested 90,000 people in total.

Boris Johnson claims he wants the UK to ramp up to 250,000 tests a day, but we seem a very long way off, at this stage.


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