These tweets brilliantly explain why people in Luxembourg are so angry about Brexit

Yesterday, a group of protestors interrupted Boris Johnson’s press conference in Luxembourg – forcing the Prime Minister to abandon his podium.

Across the media, these protestors were described as anti-Brexit hecklers, determined to give the PM a hard time.


But, for many of those involved, this was not a care-free prank. For them, Brexit is personal, and they are justifiably angry. A series of tweets from Laura Shields, press officer at British in Europe, explained why.

A large proportion of the protestors were British expats living in Luxembourg. For them, and the 6,000 Brits living in the country, their lives are being “overturned” by Brexit.

As Shields explains, Luxembourg is a tiny country with a population of just 600,000. Therefore, “crossing the border for work and family is as normal as popping out to buy bread.”

After Brexit, when the freedom of Brits to move and work around Europe will be limited, this will cause massive problems.

What’s more, a large number of Brits in the country are – as you would imagine – married to someone from Europe. However, they don’t know whether they will be allowed to return to Britain and settle with their families, because of stringent minimum-income rules instituted by Theresa May and now Home Secretary Priti Patel.

And they’re deeply angry about the fact that, throughout this process, British politicians have used their rights as a bargaining chip in negotiations.

So, as Shields says, it was a bit more than your ordinary protest.

18 responses to “These tweets brilliantly explain why people in Luxembourg are so angry about Brexit

  1. These people deserted this country to live elsewhere. Their choice. So they should not expect the people of this country to worry about their problems.

    1. So living, working and starting a family outside of the uk is desertion. What kind of myopic little England idiot are you? The list of Brexiteers who would like to leave and have left the uk for tax reasons is massive.

      1. What’s particularly vile is that Brexit means peoples’ lives are turned upside down – and there is little certainty what the new rules will be.

        But the Brextremists don’t care, thinking this is a suitable punishment for ‘deserting’ the UK. Horrible people.

  2. It is not a right to have access to any country when it suits one’s goals.

    Before Schengen, I lived in Germany and the USA, nobody looked after me. I did not expect preferential treatment in the UK, US or DE just because of my choices.

    UK and EU nationals should shut up and look after themselves, as I did.

    1. To be honest it is the total lack of clarity from the uk that is causing upset. These people have built there lives in a time when freedom of movement was the norm. Now because of an internal torie problem we’ve had a referendum and our government is unable to create a coherent plan, these people have just been abandoned, the EU is doing more than our own government to look after uk citizens.

  3. U people that decided that the UK is no good for u ,dont make me laugh u are only thinking of your self y should the people of my country have to worry about u lot that though the grass is greener ,I myself lived in Spain for 5 years looked after myself when I needed medical help I had to pay for it ,so u so called expats who get your pension sent out or people who decide to move raise a family with foreigner dont think we need to worry about u we have are own problems

    1. You talk a lot of shit about the UK for someone who obviously doesn’t know the language judging by your spelling.
      I don’t understand why you think the EU needs to worry about UK nationals health service after Brexit, they would become a UK health service problem again. They can have health insurance to replace the free medical treatment they are currently entitled to as an EU citizen under the European Health Card (E1-11 card) but that can require payment up front before any medical procedure is carried out – which could potentially be the difference between life and death. These people should return to the UK after Brexit for the health needs. Let the already under severe pressure NHS look after them, I can guarantee Trump won’t mind other’s using the NHS, provided the US gets paid that is.
      When you lived in Spain – was that as an EU national or was this pre-EU / EEA etc? Because if it was while the UK was part of the European family then you sir are a f**king hypocrite and are flat out full of sh*t saying you had no help from anyone when the groundwork of freedom of movement was laid at your feet.

    2. The UK has said that all EU citizens currently in the UK are very welcome to stay . It is THE EU that has not reciprocated with UK citizens currently resident in Europe. So I quite agree with the comment that your life is being messed with by the cavalier, cynical ( and unelected ) charlatans who run Europe.

      1. My word, that is total total bullshit. Theresa May could have ringfenced our rights but she didn’t. The foreign governments have granted us what they can—residency in the country they are responsible for, but they can’t make us magic citizens of Europe. We lose freedom of movement and it is the Tory party’s doing. They’re also making it impossible to move back to the UK with a mixed-European (or mixed Asian or whatever) family unless you earn a significant amount. I know plenty of cases of people having their lives ruined. At least try to pull your head out of your arse.

        1. Theresa May lied many times saying she was going to sort out our rights first and foremost, but she threw away the EU’s much more lenient proposals to please you frothing-at-the-mouth brexiters.

  4. “stringent minimum income rules” ??? This is new to me. If you are a British passport holder, then of course you can return to the UK and also take your EU family with you. If the concern persists, then your family can also easily apply for UK passports too. We live near Munich and my wife is of Italian/Austrian extraction and has a German passport whilst my son is entitled to and has both UK and German passports. This is quite legal. So please, less scaremongering !!!

    1. I don’t know where they got the info from. The “stringent minimum income rules” only apply to UK citizens bringing non EU nationals into the country. It doesn’t affect UK nationals married to EU nationals (unless the rules are changed – which can be done with the flick of a pen but right now this is not the case).


      US man refused entry to UK:

    2. Unfortunately you are wrong, after Brexit Europeans will be treated the same way as other foriegn nationals. Currently it costs aprox £2000 pounds to get a visa for a mone EU spouse in the UK, extra if there are children.

  5. The Brexiteers with no research, no knowledge of what they are blathering on about has been the trend all the way thru this whole sorry mess. They are not interested in facts or truth and revel in the lies they have been told. A true distopian country is on the brink of being created. The Brexiteers who live there are ideal for said world.
    I feel sorry for the Remainers.
    They know nothing about medical insurance laws in the EU. If you live abroad you are obliged in most EU countries to buy their med insurance. The E111 only covers a short initial period and only for emergencies.

  6. Sorry for the racism and bigotry that Europeans have experienced at the hands of these racists. Many of our cities including mine London want to Remain with the E.U. I am not sure what’s going to happen now. There is little in England to respect now with the referendum. If I could I would happily revoke my British citizenship may be I could persuade Jarvid to do this for me.

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