Tory rebel calls on Boris Johnson to fire rogue adviser Dominic Cummings

Tory rebel David Gauke has called on Boris Johnson to ditch his lawless adviser Dominic Cummings.

Gauke was one of the 21 MPs dumped from the Conservative Party last week for opposing a no-deal Brexit. He says this move, orchestrated by Cummings, has provoked widespread anger among the Tory backbenches.


“A change of strategy would also involve a change of strategist and this is a decision that the Prime Minister has to make,” Gauke told the BBC’s Westminster Hour.

“But he must have been asking himself this weekend as to whether he was pursuing the right strategy and if he had the right advice.”

Many people believe the power of Downing Street has gone to Cummings’ head. Ken Clarke last week warned that Cummings was effectively running the country – belligerently imposing his Brexit views on staff and MPs.

Johnson’s right-hand man has even decided he has the authority to harangue MPs – with reports suggesting he heckled a group of rebel Tory MPs while they waited for a meeting with the PM last week.

Cummings is clearly out of control. For the sake of the country, it’s time for him to go.

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