Tory party chairman James Cleverly in “car crash” interview over doctored Keir Starmer video

Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly has been rumbled on ITV this morning for his party’s attempts to doctor a video of Keir Starmer.

Speaking on GMB this morning, Cleverly stubbornly refused to apologise for the actions of his party, despite admitting that the video had been “edited”.


For context, the Tories yesterday pushed out a video of Starmer, Labour’s Brexit Secretary, that made it seem as though he couldn’t answer a question about Labour’s Brexit policy. However, the video had been carefully edited, and in reality Starmer answered the question immediately.

Trying to defend the actions of his party, Cleverly was forced to admit they had “edited” the video. He first tried to explain this by claiming Starmer had failed to answer previous questions, before then saying they needed to “shorten” the video.

Cleverly also tried to defend the video to the BBC by saying it was “light hearted” and “satirical”.

Several people have consequently pointed out that Cleverly’s interview won’t have to be “edited” to make him look like an idiot. He managed to do that by himself.

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