Tory MP slammed for saying “lazy left” colleagues don’t want to go back to work

A Tory MP has faced criticism for claiming left-wing MPs are “lazy” and “work-shy” for not wanting to return to the House of Commons during the coronavirus pandemic.

Writing on Twitter, Henry Smith – MP for Crawley – said MPs who want to continue working remotely are indolent.


MPs decided last night by 350 to 258 votes to return to the House of Commons by early June, though many MPs (including Tories) are not happy – saying this risks the safety of them and their staff.

And, responding to Henry, former Labour leadership candidate Jess Phillips challenged the Tory MP to explain his views – pointing out that “lazy-left” MPs are actually busy helping people who are suffering due to coronavirus.

While someone else pointed out that the worst culprit for laziness is Boris Johnson – who spent the first part of the coronavirus crisis on holiday.

We hope Smith sees sense and retracts his comments soon.

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