Tory MP, former Erasmus student, didn’t vote in favour of Erasmus in Commons

A Tory MP who benefitted from the EU’s Erasmus programme failed to vote in favour of it in the House of Commons this week.

Suella Braverman, a backbench Conservative MP and prominent Brexiteer, enjoyed the benefits of the Erasmus programme, which allows EU citizens to study abroad, while she was a student at Queens’ College, Cambridge.


Braverman spent one of her university years studying in France, before then completing a Masters degree in European and French law at Pantheon-Sorbonne University.

However, Braverman failed to vote in favour of an amendment to Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill – brought to the House of Commons on Wednesday evening – that would have compelled the government to seek continued membership of the scheme.

Ultimately, the amendment failed, with 254 MPs voting in favour, 344 against, and 48 abstaining.

The government has insisted that it will still seek to negotiate continued membership of the scheme “if it is in our interests to do so.”

However, if the Tories were firmly in favour of the programme, why didn’t they simply vote for the amendment?

Braverman actively benefitted from studying and living abroad – contributing to the career she enjoys today. The fact she is now actively denying those opportunities for future students is seriously shocking.

5 responses to “Tory MP, former Erasmus student, didn’t vote in favour of Erasmus in Commons

  1. We’ll still be free to study overseas. Voting against Erasmus simply adds to the promise of an end to free movement between the UK and the EU countries.

    There’s nothing to see here.

  2. Why is it you Leavers don’t ever understand anything. Erasmus allows students who normally wouldn’t be able to afford to study abroad to do so. Without it only the rich will be able. This is a step backwards and means less people will be able to broaden their minds and learn languages. This has bugger all to do with Freedom of Movement.

  3. Her real name is “Sue-Ellen Fernandes”
    She was most likely named after the alcoholic housewife character Sue-Ellen Ewing in the US soap opera “Dallas” which ran from from April 2, 1978, to May 3, 1991.
    She was born in 1980 to parents Christie and Uma Fernandes who emigrated to the UK from Kenya / Goa (near India) / Mauritius (near Madagascar/Kenya) in the 1960s.
    So most likely a child of British Empire and probably had no affinity with, or or any roots in Europe. Studied there but probably didn’t fit in, and most likely had no great knowledge of any European languages or culture and probably near zero about North Africa or Arabia so her attitude would probably be a fat lot of use in France or Europe.
    Her parents didn’t seems to have any special qualifications or skills before they got to the UK, so most likely would not have been allowed in under a Tory points based immigration system. Of course, she was working in Immigration Law, what else would she be interested in 😉
    If she was any good at Law she would still be doing it. The pay should be more than attractive for a person who could make some headway. She stuck it out for 10 years only, and quit.

  4. The failed project is crumbling, a reciprocal argreement for students would be an amazing thing outside of the failed project between independent sovereign nations. It should be something that is open to the world.

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