Tory MP earns £100k from company selling private coronavirus tests for £120

Conservative MP Owen Paterson makes £100,000 a-year as a consultant for a firm that is selling private coronavirus tests.

According to a report from BuzzFeed, Paterson has been a consultant for Randox Laboratories since 2015.


Paterson, MP for North Shropshire, has declared that he earns £8,333 a month from the company, which has been selling a rapid “COVID-19 home testing kit” for £120.

BuzzFeed says that Randox testing kits are used by a number of private healthcare firms, who charge a substantial mark-up.

The Sunday Times, for example, has revealed that a private company – Private Harley Street Clinic – has sold over 6,600 coronavirus test kits for £375 each to people who are worried they have the illness.

Private Harley Street Clinic uses kits sold by Randox and analysis work on the results is also done by Randox, according to the Sunday Times.

Randox is allegedly in talks with the NHS about using its COVID-19 test, and the current government advice is to avoid home testing.

“Public Health England does not advise rapid tests for use in the community nor self-testing but we keep all advice under constant review,” a spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

Paterson declined to comment.


3 responses to “Tory MP earns £100k from company selling private coronavirus tests for £120

  1. OVer £8000 a month on top of his MPs salary is a complete joke! This man is a multimillionaire landowner and has voted constantly with the Government for cuts to the poor! If ever there was a time for change not only in this country but the world it is now! What happened to a conflict of interest in the HOC if they’re representing their constituents that should be their only job, not lobbying for wealthy companies and hedge fund tossers!

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