Tory MP asks Polish government to reject Brexit extension

Conservative MP and avid Brexiteer Daniel Kawczynski has asked the Polish government to reject a further extension to Brexit.

The Shropshire Star says that Kawczynski has been in contact with the offices of both the Polish president and prime minister, pleading with them to turn down a Brexit delay.

MPs recently passed a new law requiring Boris Johnson to seek a Brexit extension from the European Union, though this extension can be vetoed by any EU member state.

Kawczynski obviously believes that Poland’s right-wing populist government might listen to his overtures.

“I will do anything that is constitutionally legal to ensure we leave on October 31,” he told the Shropshire Star.

A couple of days ago, Nigel Farage accused anti-Brexit MPs of “collaborating” with foreign powers by seeking advice on efforts to stop no deal. We hope he will be similarly offended by Kawczynski’s actions.

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