Tory MP says Macron might try to bring down Boris Johnson’s government

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Brexiteer zealot and Tory MP Andrew Bridgen has suggested that Emmanuel Macron could try to bring down the UK government, if Boris Johnson doesn’t seek and win a general election.


Speaking on talkRADIO this morning, Bridgen lauded the idea of calling a general election on 1st November (as has been speculated) as a “masterstroke”.

The North West Leicestershire MP said that, if Boris isn’t able to regain a majority for the Conservatives, French President Emmanuel Macron would try to intentionally cause delays at Calais – in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Bridgen said (with no evidence) that civil servants were recently dispatched to French ports, causing delays. He seemed to imply this was a dry-run for some sort of Boris sabotage plan, where “a French civil servant with a clipboard” would be sent to every French port to hold up cargo and cause misery for the UK Prime Minister.

Bridgen said he believed that our ports would be fully ready in time for a no-deal Brexit, because they’re operated by private companies and private companies always find a way to make things work.

He was obviously asleep during the collapse of Carillion.

Bridgen also forgot that ports rely heavily on government border and customs officials. We have a 10,000-person shortfall of the latter.

“Blame it on the French” has been a tactic deployed throughout British history. It is now apparently the fallback for desperate Tory MPs who want to avoid responsibility for the economic mess they’re about to impose on the country.

8 responses to “Tory MP says Macron might try to bring down Boris Johnson’s government

  1. A quality politician Brigden. Ask him about his career in the marines or his wife divorcing him over the alleged rape of an intern.

  2. What a complete and utter waste of a human being Andrew Brigden is! Liar and manipulator . Politicians like him are a disgrace, like Boris et al. I would much prefer Macron to the lot of them … A man of integrity and vision.

  3. Sadly, heading for a recession or depression , if history repeats it will lead to war . The French and Germans will have to contribute more when the UK leaves Europe, of course they will be difficult . We should be building contingencies and stock piles to give us time to bring goods in from other parts of the world .

    1. So Peter.
      You believe that 48% of the UK population are traitors.
      How ridiculous!
      We were unhappy to lose to the winners who lied about the NHS etc, but now we want a Brexit which will work for the whole country, not just for the far right wing of the Tory party.

  4. The comment about Macron is a joke. We live in Macron’s France. Protests every week, 300 investigations into Police brutality. Mass unemployment. There are 38 closed premises in our small local town. A 5000 Euro fine if you do more than two car boots a year. Folks with a clipboard checking your passport. I could go on. The remainers are traitors who are not observing the majority wish of a vote. The EU are impossible to deal with. We see it in France all the time. Taxation is high, services getting worse and too many functionalities getting in the way. Do you really want Macron and the EU? You must be bonkers!

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