Tory candidate claims abuse she receives is “eerily similar” to abuse suffered by “gay/black/trans” people

Linden Kemkaran, the Tory candidate for Bradford East, has suggested that the abuse received by Conservatives is “eerily similar” to that received by people who are gay, black, or trans.

Kemkaran was responding to a tweet by an “influencer” for the right-wing youth group Turning Point UK, Dominique Samuels.


Kemkaran has been heavily criticised online for her statement, which seems to equate abuse received for a political choice with abuse received based on fixed aspects of a person’s identity.

Her statement also seems to suggest that discrimination, bigotry and intolerance are things of the “bad old days”, not the present.

In 2016, Stonewall, the LGBT rights charity, reported that “One in five LGBT people have experienced a hate crime or incident because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity in the last 12 months”.

In 2018, a study into racism against black people in the EU found that 21% of respondents in the UK had experienced racial harassment in the past five years.

Scram News could not find a study into the percentage of Conservatives who have faced harassment because of their political beliefs.

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