Tory Brexiteer: Boris Johnson “would rather resign” than ask EU for Brexit extension

Andrew Bridgen MP, a senior Conservative Brexit supporter, has suggested that Boris Johnson would resign as Prime Minister if he was forced by MPs to ask for another Brexit extension.

MPs are expected to imminently pass a new law that would require the PM to ask EU leaders in Brussels for a Brexit extension until 31st January.

However, speaking on RTE Radio this morning, Bridgen said that Johnson would pack his bags and move out of Downing Street rather than send this request to the EU. Bridgen said:

“I pretty much guarantee you one thing… Boris Johnson would rather resign as Prime Minister than be forced to go against his word and ask for an extension.”

Responding to Bridgen’s comments, Labour MP Mary Creagh said that opposition parties had Johnson “on the ropes”.

This might be true, but given Johnson’s history of lies and deception, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bridgen ended up being sorely disappointed in the PM.

2 responses to “Tory Brexiteer: Boris Johnson “would rather resign” than ask EU for Brexit extension

  1. Boris has done more for this country then any pm I can ever think off what he is doing is making sure britexit happens you say we can’t leave with out a deal the EU won’t give us any deal worth having so your next step is to stop britexit happening that can’t be Wright the people voted to leave and that is what should happen

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