Priti Patel

Tories blasted for pushing through “vindictive” immigration policy

The Conservative Party is being criticised for bringing its controversial new immigration bill to Parliament today.

The legislation, first unveiled in February this year, proposes that “low-skilled” foreign workers would be barred from working in the UK.


As we have reported previously, the government’s definition of “low skilled” is based largely on income – meaning that we risk a labour shortage for many valuable yet low-paid jobs (i.e. nurses).

Introduced by Home Secretary Priti Patel, the legislation has once again been roundly criticised, as the Tories bring their proposals before MPs for a vote today.

Labour MP David Lammy said:

While Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants adviser Zoe Gardner said the government’s proposals were “vindictive”, adding:

Let’s hope it gets the parliamentary scrutiny it needs.

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