BBC anger as Tories use “edited” footage in Facebook adverts

The BBC has slammed the Conservative Party for using selectively edited footage from the broadcaster in its election adverts.

Tweeting this evening, the BBC News Press Team said:


The BBC didn’t give details of the adverts, but a quick browse of the Facebook ad library gives an indication of the Tory ads in question.

The latest advert released by the Conservative Party features clips of BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg and Presenter Hugh Edwards, talking about Brexit.

The clips are clearly selectively edited. Kuenssberg features on the video for only a few seconds and says: “another pointless delay to Brexit”.

The video makes it seem as though this is her opinion, whereas she was almost certainly repeating something said by a Brexiteer.

This is not the first time that the Tories have got in trouble for selectively editing broadcast footage in recent weeks.

A fortnight ago, the party cut an interview with Labour’s Brexit chief Keir Starmer to make it seem as though he couldn’t answer a question about his party’s Brexit policy. In reality, he answered the question immediately.

And the party has also been widely criticised for actively misleading people on social media – namely by rebranding the “CCHQ” Twitter account during the first Corbyn-Johnson debate, to make it seem like they were an impartial fact checking service.

The Tories are determined to spout fake news to win this election. We can’t let them get away with it.


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