The Tories have censored posts on social media they don’t like

Continuing their record of running the dodgiest digital campaign in history, the Conservatives are now censoring posts on Twitter that they don’t like.

The social media platform now gives users the ability to “hide” replies to their posts – a feature that the Tories have utilised with gusto on one of their latest tweets.


The Tories have hidden several replies to a post claiming that “married couples would face a £250 hit under Labour and Liberal Democrat plans”.

The hidden replies include multiple screenshots of articles highlighting Russian influence on Brexit and the Conservative Party.

Another hidden reply correctly points out that the Labour and Lib Dem plan doesn’t actually involve introducing a tax – it just scraps an existing allowance.

Shrewd social media users will also have noticed that the Tory advert, bizarrely, features the couple from the famous “distracted boyfriend” internet meme.

So we’ve decided to create our own version, for the Tory digital team to pin on their wall.


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