What do top Google searches of political parties reveal about them?

A new report has revealed what people think about political parties, based on their online behaviour.

Digital marketing agency rebootonline.com has analysed the top five questions that have been Googled about the major UK political parties, showing the assumptions that people make about them.


The results are pretty interesting.

The Conservative Party

The second most searched question about the Conservative Party is: “Are Conservatives racist?”.

This reflects an ongoing debate about the language used by Boris Johnson in the past, like calling Muslim women “letterboxes” and describing Africans as having “watermelon smiles”. Meanwhile, accusations of Islamophobia within the Tory party are rife.

The fourth most searched question is “Why do Conservatives deny global warning?” With climate change sceptics like Jacob Rees-Mogg in the cabinet, this is unsurprising.

Top five:

Why are Conservatives called Tories?
Are Conservatives racist?
What do Conservatives stand for?
Why do Conservatives deny global warning?
Are liberals better than conservatives?

The Labour Party

What people search about the Labour Party reveals a major conflict within the party.

The third and fifth most searched questions relate to Brexit, with the third asking how many Labour voters voted Leave, and the other querying the number of Labour constituencies which did so.

After much delay, Corbyn has said that he would deliver a second referendum in which he would campaign neutrally on Brexit. But the search results show that the position is still unclear and there is a lack of understanding on whether the Labour Party is a home for Leavers or Remainers.

Top five:

Is Labour left wing?
Who is the leader of Labour Party?
How many Labour voters voted leave?
How to leave the Labour Party?
How many Labour constituencies voted leave?

The Brexit Party

The majority of people who ask questions about the Brexit Party ask how to join it. They may be disappointed to learn that you cannot join the Brexit Party – it is a limited company.

Relatedly, the third most asked question is “Who is the Brexit Party?” The answer, of course, that it is the one-man vanity project of populist Nigel Farage.

People also have questions about the Brexit Party’s funds. Earlier this year, the party was investigated by the Electoral Commission over possible foreign, illegal donations, owing to its dodgy website. Farage has also falsely claimed that the party has been funded by many small donations, despite it being apparent that it has some pretty major donors (also with dodgy backgrounds). It is clear that this issue is still on people’s minds.

Bizarrely, given its name, the second most searched question is “What does the Brexit Party stand for?” This may suggest that voters are not just interested in Brexit and want to know what a Farage-led government would really mean for the country.

Top five:

How to join the Brexit Party?
What does the Brexit Party stand for?
Who is the Brexit Party?
How is the Brexit Party funded?
How many members does the Brexit Party have?

The Liberal Democrats

Jo Swinson’s popularity rating isn’t terrific and she has a much smaller social media following than other political party leaders. It is perhaps for this reason that the most searched question about the party is about the identity of its leader.

Apart from that, people want to know what Lib Dem policies are, and whether the party is left or right – which is perhaps unsurprising given the party has courted the support of both ex-Tories and ex-Labour MPs and roughly occupies the centre ground of British politics.

Top five:

Who is the leader of the Liberal Democrats?
How to join the Liberal Democrats?
Are Liberal Democrats racist?
Are Liberal Democrats left or right?What are the Liberal Democrats party policies?


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