Tommy Robinson’s sidekick facing prison for “stalking” and “assault”

Tommy Robinson’s right-wing and right-hand man is facing a prison sentence after he was accused of “stalking” and “assault” while political campaigning, Scram can reveal.

According to posts on Telegram, Avi Yemini is facing five charges from Australian police, relating to his conduct while campaigning for election for the far-right Australian Liberty Alliance last year.


The police have alleged that he stalked another candidate, broke electoral law by handing out voting cards, intimidated a fellow candidate, harassed people and assaulted a candidate.

And it is not the first time Yemini, who was Tommy Robinson’s spokesperson while he was in prison, has been in trouble with the law. He pled guilty to making a series of racist calls to a Melbourne rabbi in 2014 and was convicted of assault against his ex-wife, after he threw a chopping board at her head.

Now, he is pleading not guilty to all five charges and is using Telegram to raise money for his legal fees.

The outcome of his case will be decided on 6 November.

9 responses to “Tommy Robinson’s sidekick facing prison for “stalking” and “assault”

  1. Pure stitch up just like they done to Tommy.
    They don’t like the truth being told so they jail them to shut them up but they don’t realise that people see what they are doing and more and more people are waking up to the corruption around the world

    1. You do realise that committing crimes is illegal dont you. Maybe if Tommy, Danny and Avi cant respect the law they need a decent time inside until they do respect it.

  2. Maybe if the liberal left wing socialist could engage rather than having a temper tantrum. We wouldn’t be at this stage in world politics. ANTIFA run riot,yet rarely ever charged with a fray. So as for Avi, and Tommy Robinson. Hardly saint’s. But hardly sinner’s either. If the liberal elitist establishment can’t conduct themselves in a manner that is required. Then they should not be surprised by people’s opinions and reaction’s.

  3. I’ve never seen more mistakes in a single article.. At least I hope they’re mistakes and you’re not trying to mislead people.

  4. Weiss risked more wrath on the set of “Morning Joe” in January after blasting a woman who accused comedian Aziz Ansari of sexual misconduct. “It’s called bad sex,” she told Joe and Mika. “I’ll get crushed for saying this.”

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