Tommy Robinson has joined Toby Young’s Free Speech Union

Far-right hate merchant Tommy Robinson has joined Toby Young’s Free Speech Union, and will be allowed to stay in the organisation, Scram News can reveal.

Posting on social media platform Telegram yesterday evening, Robinson announced that he had joined Young’s controversial new project.


Young has set up the Free Speech Union to publicly advocate for individuals who have faced a backlash for their views or past actions.

The union’s first test case nearly came very recently, when Downing Street aide Andrew Sabisky was hammered for his past comments in support of eugenics. However, Sabisky decided to resign from his No.10 role, rather than accept the help of the FSU.

For up to £250 a year, the FSU offers to lobby on behalf of its members, if they ever land themselves in a sticky situation. They also might (or might not) be able to help with legal cases. They’re quite vague on that.

And it seems the FSU is willing to advocate on behalf of even the most controversial, extreme figures.

Speaking to Scram News, Toby Young confirmed that Tommy Robinson would be admitted to the organisation.

“That doesn’t mean we’d defend him from criticism on social media or the mainstream media – we’re in favour of free speech, after all,” Young said.

“But we would defend him if he was no-platformed by a university or investigated by the police or other authorities – or dragged through the courts – for exercising his legal right to free speech.”

Given that Robinson, an infamous Islamophobe, is banned from pretty much every major social media platform, and is regularly prevented from speaking at events across the globe, it seems Young might have his work cut out.

UPDATE: Young claims that Robinson’s card payment was blocked. No doubt he will try again.


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