Tommy Robinson supporters attack journalists outside Parliament

Fans of far-right Islamophobe Tommy Robinson have been filmed attacking journalists outside the Palace of Westminster.

Robinson supporters marched on Parliament after their idol was sentenced to nine months in prison earlier today, after being found guilty of contempt of court. One thug was filmed running towards a pack of cameramen before grabbing a tripod and swinging wildly at the assembled journalists.

Mikey Smith of the Daily Mirror also reported that Robinson supporters broke into chants about Change UK MP Anna Soubry, singing “Soubry is a Nazi”. The Broxtowe MP raised safety fears earlier this year after far-right yellow vests followed her around Parliament shouting similar phrases.

Adding to the torrent of hate, Smith also heard one person shout “hang the judge. Hang the judge. String the bastard up.”

And they wonder why Robinson is one of the most hated men in Britain.

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One response to “Tommy Robinson supporters attack journalists outside Parliament

  1. No he isoved this is a hatchet job, a scam a kangaroo court. He is a political prisoner….
    Daily mirror vermin and the lying BBC fake news scum everywhere

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