Tommy Robinson in street fight against youths after coronavirus “incident”

Far-right hate figure Tommy Robinson has got into a fight… again.

The former EDL leader shared footage on his website this weekend, showing him tackling a group of youths in Hitchen, after witnesses said they had coughed in an elderly couple’s face.


The couple claimed that three youths had coughed in their face, while other witnesses supported this story. Coughing spreads coronavirus, which elderly people are at greater risk from.

After Robinson chastised the three males for their behaviour, they tried to push the far-right figure into his car and called him “a racist”.

Robinson started to drive away [as shown below], before deciding that he actually wanted to deliver some justice to the youngsters himself.

Jumping out of his car, in a video filmed by his own children, Robinson can be seen trading blows with the three youths in the middle of the street.

Later, the police came to take witness statements – criticising Robinson for taking the law into his own hands.

Coughing in someone’s face during an outbreak of coronavirus is a disgusting thing to do.

But Tommy Robinson needs to remember that he is more of a law breaker than a law enforcer.