“He terrorised me”: Tommy Robinson’s spokesperson convicted for assaulting ex-wife

Tommy Robinson’s official spokesperson has been convicted of unlawful assault against his former wife, after he threw a chopping board at her head, a court has found.

Avi Yemini, the far-right Australian-Israeli activist, was fined A$3,600 by an Australian court after being charged for assaulting and sending harassing texts to his ex-wife Sarah Lyford.


The incident took place in March 2016, when he threw the chopping board at her head while she cooked dinner. He also sent texts to her between 2017 and 2018, calling her a “c***” and a “P.O.S”. Yemini pled guilty to these charges, though claimed that the chopping board hit her accidentally.

In a statement to the court, Lyford said she tried to leave Yemini on eight occasions because of his behaviour. She said: “It was like I didn’t exist as a human being, I was just a vessel for his hatred.”

She added:

“He terrorised me. I can’t imagine how it will be possible for me to have a relationship in the future.”

Earlier this month, Yemini announced that he would be acting as Tommy Robinson’s spokesperson while he serves jail time for contempt of court. He has spent the first few weeks of his role ringing up newspapers accusing them of spreading fake news about Robinson’s conviction, and managing Robinson’s social media channels.

But Yemini’s assault charge is not the first of his controversies. He has called Islam a “barbaric ideology” and Muslim countries “sh*tholes”. He also stood for the Australian Liberty Alliance in 2018. The party advocates banning Muslim immigration.

All things considered, the insistence that Tommy Robinson is not a criminal by another criminal doesn’t seem that strong.

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