“I might move to Russia”: Behind the scenes of Tommy Robinson’s trip to Russia

Tommy Robinson’s intimate relationship with Russia has been revealed in a new, behind-the-scenes YouTube video of his trip to the country.

As we reported, the far-right hate merchant went on a tour of the country in late February – delivering a lecture on Muslim “rape gangs,” amongst other things.


Robinson (whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), has since released a behind-the-scenes video of his trip, which reveals his increasingly-affectionate relationship with Russia.

Standing in a skyscraper, looking out over Moscow, Robinson begins his video by comparing the city to London.

Tommy Robinson in his ivory Moscow tower.

“It’s clean. It’s beautiful,” he says.

“The Red Square is beautiful… In fact, I’m gutted my visa’s just for a week. I want to come back with the [sic] wife.

“It’s true. I go to London and I don’t like London. I hate London. All I see is aggressiveness and attitude as a culture, now, in a lot of the youngsters. I haven’t seen one single bit of that here.”

“Might move to Russia,” he added, jokingly (we assume).

This pro-Russian attitude mirrors Britain First, who’ve visited the country several times in the past year. Speaking to Russian TV on his last visit, in October, Britain First leader Paul Golding heaped praise on Vladimir Putin, calling him a “strong leader,” and claiming that Russia is “far more democratic” than the West.

Robinson then moves on to St Petersburg, where he delivers a lecture about grooming gangs and his warped interpretation of Islam.

And yet, it seems as though not all Russians reciprocated Robinson’s praise. Moments before going on stage, he points out that the person who was supposed to live translate his speech has actually pulled out, after reading Yaxley-Lennon’s Wikipedia page.

Tommy Robinson after delivering his “Rape of Britain” speech in St Petersburg


The video reaches a conclusion with Robinson stood in front of the Kremlin, delivering a testimonial to Russia.

“We see Russia as not part of the West, whereas it is,” he says.

“The Russian people couldn’t have been any nicer. I feel welcomed, and to anyone else, I’d advise visiting here.”

Robinson also claims that, on top of his imminent family visit to the country, he’s been invited to deliver a speech to the Duma – the lower house of Russian Parliament.

It’s unclear exactly who is paying for these trips, and Robinson simply refers to his patron as “the host” throughout the video.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon claims that he’s a patriot. By the looks of things, he’s now much more of a Russia patriot than a British one.