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Tommy Robinson to deliver speech in Russia to Putin officials

Far-right hate merchant Tommy Robinson is giving a speech in Russia to government officials, reports say.

Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP) will host a press conference with the Islamophobe in which he will discuss “freedom of speech in Europe” and his ban from Twitter.


KP say that Robinson will also share his opinion on Russian-British relations, Brexit and the Skripals poisoning case. The talk will also cover his prison sentence for contempt of court, which he served last year after filming defendants in an ongoing trial.

Posting on Telegram, Robinson said that he was “excited” for the talk, which he has given the offensive name: “The Rape of Britain”. He added that he was struggling to condense all the [mis]information he wanted to include in it.

According to KP, the event will be attended by Russian officials, including the chairman of the Media Commission of the Citizen Chamber of Russia.

It will also be attended by the controversial Alexander Malkevich, a Russian media editor who is reported to have been involved in interference in US and African elections and is rumoured to be linked to Yevgeny Prigozhin, a close associate of Putin. He also runs the Foundation for National Values Protection, which aims to protect the conservative way of life.

And it is not the first time Robinson has been linked to Russia and indeed to KP. He was interviewed by the paper in June, in which he called for the thawing of relations between Russia and the UK.

And speaking to the newspaper about Robinson in July, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Britain was wrong for its “persecution” of Robinson for his views.

What’s more, it seems that plenty of other far-right figures are trying to cultivate links to Russia.

In November, a Russian TV show platformed the leader of Britain First, Paul Golding, after he visited the country “to discuss practical plans of cooperation”. The far-right group are such fans of the country they have even faked photos with Vladimir Putin. Twice.

These far-right figures think they’re sticking up for Britain, but really they’re just pawns of Putin.


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