Tommy Robinson Russia

Tommy Robinson love bombs Putin during visit to Russia

Far-right Islamophobe Tommy Robinson has suggested that Russia should be Britain’s “key partner” after Brexit – showing praise on the country’s dictator, Vladimir Putin.

Speaking to Russian publication KA during his visit to the country, the far-right leader and self-identifying ‘British patriot’ heaped praise on Russia and called for the two nations to work closer together.


He said:

“After the United Kingdom left the EU, Russia could become its key partner. Especially in the fight against jihadism. This is a big problem in Europe. We can work together to preserve our Christian values, culture and identity. Russians perceive Putin as a defender of the country. He is a strong politician. The West lacks strong men. Western politicians have come to life.”

Last week, Tommy Robinson delivered a speech in Russia called “The Rape of Britain” to Russian officials. Hosted by KA, they said the talk would cover Russian-British relations, Brexit, and “freedom of speech in Europe”.

This visit comes amid growing concerns about links between Russia and the British far-right. Last week, Britain First’s Paul Golding was charged for terrorism offences, after returning from a trip to Russia.

Maybe if they like Russia so much, they should stay there.