Tommy Robinson Conservative Party membership

Tommy Robinson fakes Conservative membership card

Far-right cult leader Tommy Robinson has tried to dupe his supporters into thinking that he’s been accepted as a member of the Conservative Party.

As Scram News reported last week, Robinson celebrated Boris Johnson’s election victory by attempting to join the PM as a member of the Conservatives.


And, today, Robinson has shared a fake/photoshopped Tory membership card, to make it seem as though he’s been accepted.

Posting on Telegram, a haven for the far-right, Robinson said: “patriotic nationalism is back!” and uploaded the image pictured above.

There are two key reasons why we know the membership card is fake. Firstly, it lists “Bedford and Kempton” as Robinson’s local association, which is a typo. “Bedford and Kempston” is a Conservative association; “Bedford and Kempton” isn’t.

Secondly, the welcome letter is signed by Brandon Lewis, who is listed as the Chairman of the Conservative Party. The only problem is, Lewis isn’t Chairman of the party anymore – he was replaced by James Cleverly in July this year.

Of course, although Robinson has failed in his attempts to join the Conservative Party, he’s still trying to put pressure on others in his circle to sign up. People with less notoriety, who might actually succeed.

It also shows the effort Robinson is making to demonstrating his support for our newly-elected PM. And he’s not the only member of the far-right to get in a frenzy about Johnson’s success. Britain First yesterday called on its members to join the Tories, to “consolidate” Johnson’s control of the party.

The far-right thinks that Boris Johnson is an ally. That should f*cking terrify us all.