Toby Young’s Free Speech Union defends far-right, white supremacist group

Toby Young’s Free Speech Union has summoned the almighty power of free speech to defend the actions of a far-right group.

Writing on Twitter, the union posted a link to an article about members of far-right, white supremacist group the Hundred-Handers, who were arrested last week for posting stickers blaming migrants for coronavirus.


The union added: “Why isn’t it legally permitted to question the lockdown?”

While it is legally permitted to question the lockdown, Young and his cronies may benefit from knowing the full details of the incident.

Stickers posted by the group said “Open border, virus disorder” while the group has also said of migrants: “There is no price we wouldn’t pay to send every fucking one of you home”.

In the past, the group has also posted anti-Semitic stickers in towns across the UK and has even ventured to the United States – posting slogans in New York such as “Multiculturalism kills” and “You are disrespected. You are white. Strike back”.

Nevertheless, the Free Speech Union has deemed the group worthy of a defence, posting tweets about the incident twice over the weekend.

And it is not the first time the group has been linked to the far-right, with both Tommy Robinson claiming to have joined the union.

It looks like Young’s union is rapidly becoming an enclave for a multitude of unsavoury figures.