These are all the highest-earning Brexit Party MEPs

Yesterday, it was revealed that Brexit Party MEPs earn more from second jobs than any other group in the European Parliament. 

A study by campaign group Transparency International ranked the highest earning MEPs and Brexit Party MEPs scored highly on the list, taking five of the top 10 spots.


This is hilariously ironic, given Nigel Farage swaggers around claiming his MEPs are not part of the elite.

To puncture this idea, we thought we’d list the highest earning Brexit Party MEPs, ranked by outside income, to give you a proper sense of their anti-elite credentials. Please also keep in mind that these MEPs earn a salary of €105,000 from the EU.

1. (1)* Ben Habib

Aside from raking in his €105,000 MEP salary, Ben Habib earns a cool €960,000 a year from a property fund manager he founded, First Property Group.

2. (3) Ann Widdecombe

The Brexit Party’s resident pantomime villain earns between €240,000 and €480,000 a year. This comes in part from a Daily Express column and appearing on broadcast media.

3. (4) Rupert Lowe

Rupert Lowe, MEP for the West Midlands, is also a high earner, raking in between two to four times his MEP salary – €204,000 to €444,000 – a year.

4. (6) Richard Tice

Richard Tice, chairman of the Brexit Party earns between €264,000 and €360,000 a year. Tice is the grandson of property developer Bernard Sunley, and he is CEO of the property asset management group. Truly a man of the people.

5. (7) Nigel Farage

The party leader, formerly the highest paid British MEP, also earns €360,000 from his media company, Thorn in the Side.

6. (19) Louis Stedman-Bryce

From various directorships, Stedman-Bryce earns up to €180,000 a year.

7. (26) Brian Monteith

Monteith, chief whip of the Brexit Party, earns between €30,000 to €132,000 annually – on top of his MEP salary.

8. (32) Michael Heaver

When he is not making embarrassing portrait videos in parliament, Heaver earns anything between €24,000 and €120,000 a year from Arron Banks-bankrolled website, Westmonster.

 9. (33) Martin Daubney

This ex-lads mag journalist also earns between €24,000 and €120,000 a year.

 10. (34) David Bull

When he is not complaining about long journey times to the EU, David Bull also rakes in the same amount. 

To all of these MEPs, the money they earn from European Parliament is small change. Given their comfortable lives won’t be damaged by Brexit, it’s only fair that their MEP salaries are given up to people who will suffer. Sign our petition to call for exactly that.

NB: * refers to overall European Parliament ranking.

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