“There is no place for hate in my party”: Jess Phillips pledges to stamp out Labour anti-Semitism

Labour leadership hopeful Jess Phillips has pledged to stamp out anti-Semitism in the Labour Party if she is elected, she has said.

Writing in the Jewish Chronicle, the MP for Birmingham Yardley acknowledged the problems plaguing the party and said she would do her utmost to resolve them.


She said: “If I’m elected as Leader, I promise you I will do everything I can to win back your trust — to expel the evil of anti-Jewish hate from the political mainstream”.

“The majority of Labour Party members aren’t anti-Semitic but those that are need to be expelled immediately. There is no place for hate in my party.”

Jeremy Corbyn’s premiership of the party has been plagued by accusations of antisemitism. Media revelations have led to ECHR investigating the party and during the general election polls revealed that Britain’s Jews were considering leaving the country if Jeremy Corbyn was elected.

Phillips said: “Anti-Jewish hate, conspiracy theories and abuse have become far too common in part of the Labour Party. And that’s devestating for all of us who joined the Labour movement because we’re anti-racist and there are lots of us.”

“No one should think that they don’t have a home in the Labour Party. No one should be scared of the thought of a Labour government. And no one should make plans to leave the country if we win.”

One response to ““There is no place for hate in my party”: Jess Phillips pledges to stamp out Labour anti-Semitism

  1. So basically anyone who ever expressed sympathy for the plight of Palestinians and the hands of Israel (which includes me) will be deemed anti-semitic and kicked out.

    Meanwhile, anyone making anti-semitism accusations they cant prove, even against Jews themselves, will have no actions taken against them.

    Sounds like a recipe for success, doesn’t it ?

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