The Sun’s history of negative coverage against NHS workers

One of the most uplifting things during the coronavirus outbreak has been the national effort to celebrate the brave, dedicated NHS staff who are risking their lives to fight the pandemic.

Epitomised by the weekly “clap for carers,” where people have been applauding NHS workers out of their windows and balconies, we are finally as a nation seeming to appreciate the brilliance of the NHS.


At last Thursday’s Downing Street briefing, however, one newspaper tried to take more credit than most for the tributes that have been paid to the NHS.

Raising their “campaign” with Matt Hancock, the Sun elicited praise from the Health Secretary for celebrating health workers.

“I know it’s something The Sun has been leading the charge on and I pay tribute to your work in making sure that every single health and social worker across the NHS and across social care and other public servants know they are valued for the work they are doing,” Hancock said.

However, it’s well worth remembering that the Sun – a right-wing rag – hasn’t always been a supporter of NHS staff. Far from it.

Over the past few years, a number of Sun articles have demonised foreign doctors and nurses working tirelessly in the NHS.

Take this article from December 2015, for example, which took a shot at foreign nurses:

Or this one – casting aspersions on foreign doctors.

Or this one – questioning their qualifications.

For context, as of 3rd April four British doctors and two nurses had died after testing positive for COVID-19. Five were from BAME [Black, Asian and minority ethnic] backgrounds.

Meanwhile, the Home Secretary has automatically extended the visas of foreign NHS workers for a year, to help the health service “focus on fighting coronavirus”. Even Piers Morgan has paid tribute to the extraordinary efforts made by foreign NHS staff.

Yet the Sun has spent years undermining them with sensationalist headlines.

And the newspaper hasn’t just targeted NHS workers from abroad.

Junior doctors – among the most overworked people in the NHS – have also been in the Sun’s firing line.

Take this column from former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie, published in 2016, which accused junior doctors of being “rail union bullies”.

At the time, junior doctors were striking over new contracts designed to increase their hours and effectively reduce their pay.

While this piece tried to hammer doctors for trying to recoup lost money caused by employment changes.

The Sun is trying to claim it’s the bastion of the NHS. Don’t believe a word of it.


14 responses to “The Sun’s history of negative coverage against NHS workers

  1. The Tories as a political party, and as a Govt, would be lost without to he Sun and especially Murdoch’s support.

    1. A little TV series called “Benefits Street” inspired more angry people to get off their couch and vote for the Tories far more than any snoozepaper ever could you ignorant prole.

      “F Hallett”, another generic little left-wing gimp still living in god knows what year… jesus wept.

  2. Was any one of these headlines found to be false? I’m gonna guess not. But you’re… still trying to say The Sun was bad for reporting them?

    The second story in particular shows what an alarmingly unpleasant type of person you are. If foreign people who come here to work, don’t respect or understand Western sexual boundaries… you’re only bothered by the fact that someone dared to report it? You’re more bothered about “aspersions” than rape?

    Of course you are, we’ve seen that time and time again from you “liberal” freaks. I actually do not want to live in this country any more… but I wish good luck to you as you stay behind. I’m sure some sad little terrorist-fancying shit who couldn’t even get hired at Vice, will go STRAIGHT to the top when the Saudis and Qataris and others finally finish taking over… they’ll totally need some anonymous git called Sam Something, I’m sure I’ll read the headlines about you being appointed Fúhrer.

    1. Listen Gerard. Calm down. Those stories are sensationalist and there are variables to each story. Also, if you dont want to live here the you can go. But remember you will be a foreigner wherever you go, ultimately becoming the thing you hate the most. Catch 22. 😂

      1. “Those stories are sensationalist and there are variables to each story.”

        I’ve totally changed my mind now and converted to Islamocommunism, just because you said “these stories have variables” (as a really lame substitute for the phrase “these stories are untrue”, which you couldn’t bring yourself to say). And I also agree with what you suggested, which is that if a story would cause a “sensation” in any way, it should be illegal to report it cause it’s rude and awful to report anything that a 40 year old student would call “sensationalist”.

        Well done, luckily for you I am just as gullible and easily impressed as you imagined I was. Looks like we both hit the jackpot today cause, man, I can’t wait to tell my grandma I heard someone use the word “variables”. She’ll never believe me!!!

      2. Oh btw I don’t ‘hate foreigners just because they’re foreign’. In fact, lots of foreigners, I like them because in their countries they haven’t lost their tiny minds and invited a horrifying medieval religion in to take them over and brutalize everybody, unlike here in Britain.

        But don’t worry about facts – trust me, that was a very original, side-splitting remark you just made that I haven’t heard from millions of other ditzes like you at all. And I totally CAN’T imagine what prestigious university a clever clogs like you must have gone to (I’m gonna guess the University of Getting All Your Views Spoonfed to You By Shit Panel “Comedy” Shows That Feature A Bunch of Pathetic 50 year Old Men Trying to Pretend They’re Still in Sixth Form).

  3. The point of the story, you know, the words which are hidden above your outpouring of opinion Gerard, was that The Sun is now parading itself as THE supporter of the NHS workers when a few years ago the same paper was hammering them for defending their rights.

    The examples selected give a false impression that the pieces were all about foreigners, that’s a mistake by the author, a mistake that’s allowed Gerard to get on one.

    (Stands back and waits for explosion)

  4. “hammering them for defending their rights.”

    Their right to… grope unsuspecting patients and get away with it cause they weren’t born here?
    Right? What in the hell are droning on about? You guys spend your entire lives pretending that the world’s most violent, vengeful religion (ISISlam) is the most misunderstood bunch of huggable geniuses. So… you lecturing anyone else on sense or logic is a joke.

    Oh well at least this time I didn’t have to put up with a ditzy chavette who thinks “Catch 22” is going to impress me, when even footballers know how to use that phrase.

  5. Well, no-one who matters in the slightest reads this rag anyway (sorry, looks at the pictures). It’s for people who would aspire to the Daily Mail or Telegraph but can’t read!

  6. Gerard, you say ‘was any of these stories found to be false, I guess not’. You’re not seriously suggesting the Sun routinely tells the truth, are you? That you should assume so shows how little you know about the right wing press. The EU has an archive going back over 20 years of lies printed in right wing newspaper about the workings of the European Union. And the Sun is right up there with the Times, Torygraph, Mail and Express.

    Of course the Sun lies. How do you not know this?

  7. Gerard, none of the headlines above mentioned Islam.
    You’ve just assumed that the foreigners mentioned were muslims. Don’t make assumptions, check the facts frommore than one source

  8. Murdoch has only been following Dr Goebels “Give me control of the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs.”

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