The official Brexit Committee hasn’t met since September

Parliament’s Brexit Select Committee hasn’t met since before Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament in September, an MP has revealed.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, Jeremy Lefroy, Conservative MP and member of the Exiting the European Union committee said that the group, which scrutinises government Brexit policy hadn’t met in “weeks”.


He said: “We haven’t met for two or three weeks.” 

“The last meeting was prior to the first attempted at prorogation of Parliament.”

It comes as the deadline for leaving the EU fast approaches, with time to scrutinise the government limited due to Boris Johnson’s unlawful prorogation of Parliament. Despite this lack of time, it seems that the committee has not found a moment to scrutinise the government’s increasingly strange plans in advance of our departure date.

Lefroy added that it was difficult to meet as people are not always available and that they had intended to meet today but plans had been postponed.

Stopping a dangerous no-deal is important to Parliament, but it looks like they can’t get the staff.

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