“That is a disgrace”: Every time Liz Truss was a walking, talking meme

Yesterday, Liz Truss posted a photo of herself working on a long-promised trade deal with Japan.

Seemingly innocuous, right? Well, the image was lambasted on Twitter, as people quickly noticed that it actually contained a host of bizarre details.


This was not the first time Truss’ mask slipped, so we rounded up all the times time she managed to turn herself into a human meme.

Trading with Japan

The photo of Truss speaking to the Japanese is within itself worth a deeper analysis.

Firstly, Liz Truss must have a great memory because the ringbinder of paper she has open for the phone call is blank.

Also, every piece of furniture Truss owns is for some reason too small for the things she has put on them. This includes a framed photo of her dog (which we are pretty sure is actually the Dulux dog).

She also colour coordinates her outfits with her (unopened) coffee.

“We import ⅔ of our cheese”

Before she was trusted with trade, Truss was the Secretary of State for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

She took this position very seriously, bemoaning the “disgrace” that is Britain’s quantity of imported food in a speech at Conservative Party Conference.

Her particular bugbear is that we import two thirds of our cheese, while she was also unhappy about the number of apples that enter the UK.

On this evidence, we are not convinced that she is not running on AI created by CCHQ.

She loves opening new pork markets

In the same speech, Liz Truss decided to let the Tories in on her winter plans, announcing with unbridled glee that in December she would be travelling to Beijing to “open up new pork markets”.

She looked delighted.

Hesitant applause followed.

Happy Christmas, hedgehogs!

In 2015, Truss used the last day before MPs broke up for Christmas to get something very important on to the political agenda.

First she agreed to attend a ‘hedgehog summit” with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, before letting everyone know that she wanted all hedgehogs to have a “Happy Christmas”.

“The proper names for trees and animals”

In 2015, turning away from pork and cheese, Truss picked a new hill that she was willing to die on.

This time, it was children using proper English names for trees and animals, which she laid out in a heartfelt interview with the BBC.

Presumably she is sick of hearing the youth refer to cows as ‘spotty milk machines’ and pigs as ‘bacon trees’.

To think, if only Brexit hadn’t taken away all politician’s attention, we may know the name of every type of tree in England.

Sitting on Sajid Javid’s lap

Just how close should frontbench politicians be with each other?

Very close if we are to take Liz Truss’ example when she sat on Sajid Javid’s lap in 2018 in a bid to get a good seat on the frontbench.

Pretending to make a cake

Earlier this year, Liz Truss ran for the Conservative leadership.

In a similar vein to her photo arranging trade deals with Japan, it is clear that someone in her team thought it necessary for her to appear human and relatable so they released a campaign video.

What followed, missed the mark. Truss talked about her policies while stabbing cake mix with a spatula like a failed Come Dine With Me contestant.

It is clear that her passion for food does not extend beyond the savoury.

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  1. The whole government is a laughing stock. From Johnson down. Liz Truss has as much talent as a pork pie!

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