Telegraph writer Allison Pearson accused of “xenophobic” tweet

A leading Telegraph writer has been accused of posting “xenophobia” on social media.

Posting on Twitter last night, rage-merchant Allison Pearson summed up her response to coronavirus.


“After this, let Made in China be a badge of shame,” she said.

Coronavirus of course originated in China, and the Chinese government has been accused of helping its spread by trying to suppress early reports of the disease.

However, Pearson seems to be using the actions of the Chinese government to degrade an entire nation – and has consequently been charged with xenophobia.

Meanwhile, for all of Pearson’s hand-wringing about China, people have pointed out a pretty big hypocrisy in her tweet.

The watermark of the tweet shows that she posted the message on “Twitter for iPhone” – a product (yep) made in China.

Perhaps we should boycott Pearson, instead?