Telegraph slammed for “nasty” attack on Labour leadership challenger Rebecca Long-Bailey

The Telegraph has been blasted for publishing a nasty, personal attack on Labour leadership challenger Rebecca Long-Bailey.

Writing for the newspaper yesterday evening, Telegraph columnist and part time conspiracy theorist Allison Pearson made comments about the physical appearance of the Labour MP.


Under the headline, “Aliens are among us… and they’re running to be leader of the Labour Party,” Pearson said that Long-Bailey “looks like the love child of the Roswell alien and Mrs Merton”.

For those of you unaware of these prehistoric references, the Roswell alien was an extraterrestrial life form that conspiracy theorists (I’m seeing a link here) believe crashed into a ranch in New Mexico in 1947. It turned out to be a weather balloon.

Meanwhile, Mrs Merton was the host of a mock talk show that ran on the BBC between 1993 and 1998.

Needless to say, Pearson has been widely panned for these comments. Keir Starmer, a colleague of Long-Bailey and a fellow candidate in the Labour leadership race, said that “this type of nasty, personal attack has no place in our politics.”

Others were even more scathing, with one person tweeting:

While another pointed out that, if we’re going to talk about the appearance of politicians, “Boris Johnson looks like a haystack stuffed into a man’s suit.”

It seems that The Telegraph is now honing the art of being deliberately provocative, and self-consciously stupid.


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